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Upgrade to the most powerful golf software.


The most advanced and efficient Golf Software to date

100% Cloud Software.

Golfmanager is a software 100% cloud based. You will be able to fully manage your golf facilities and access information from any device anywhere.

Maximum Speed.

Operate and browse at maximum speed even under bad conditions. Improve productivity by saving a large number of clicks on each task.

Advanced Features.

Golfmanager takes care of all your needs and requirements from golf point sales systems as well as introducing new applications and updates continuously to take club management to the next level.


Golfmanager is golf club management software, fully open source and as such allows you full integration with any other software tool you may want to add on.


Operate Golfmanager from any PC, laptop, tablet or mobile from anywhere, without a need to be in the office.

Attractive design.

Golfmanager is as good or even better than it looks. It is easy and intuitive to use. Have fun with it’s modern and attractive design.

Most efficient billing tool to manage all sort of operations including payments by product line, split payment (CC and cash), payments with bonuses, on account and domicile among others.

Dashboard and reporting with essential metrics directly from your program.

Maximum flexibility when adding or removing a product from your ticket sale.

Send daily sales report by email directly from program to management at close of business without further intervention.

Keep track of cash movements and make closing balances in a working shift or as needed.

Easy and intuitive use of icons with attractive design.

Simple and fast multi booking system.

Manage efficiently complex tariffs and rates allocation of any sort.

Comprehensive.information at time of booking, including client status, booking record, debts, etc. to ensure a personalized customer service.

View in one place for occupancy of tee 1, tee 2, stock of rentals and add freely any information required to personalize your dashboard.

Automatically controls and regulates green fee and service tariffs/discounts based on status of members and customers.

Real time control of stocks such as buggies, clubs of any type and model as well as other equipment.

Change tariffs and rates in a few clicks to maximize your revenue.

Management quotas and subscriptions to include additional beneficiaries that automatically enjoy same benefits.

Direct group mailing straight from the program.

Accepts several bank accounts per client to charge different services.

Manage multiple bonuses and from different sources per customer.

Full sale customer record available for a better service.

Card record may include customer photo.

All tools developed to maximize productivity and control through automatic and personalized report generation.

Integrated with Google Docs. Transfer in and out data to Excel at any time automatically as you need or want for up to date reporting and control.

Define any personalized report to meet your requirements and feed information directly from the program for time saving, control and efficient decision making.

Access all program listings and fields immediately with no limitations.

Add favorite widgets or key information such as dally economic summary or weather forecast to the sidebar.

Golfmanager Apps Market

Unlimited possibilities for your business.

This is really in the cloud

Golf Software 100% in the cloud.


All functions accessible from PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile.

No local server required.

You no longer need a PC as a local server, or be concerned with with a light or network glitch. Your program and data are hosted and replicated in cloud servers ensuring full access and security.

Do what you want.

Consult information and reports. Make reservations and sales, keep track of activities and changes in real time from your favorite device anytime anywhere. All and more than you need from golf pos systems.

Some features

And this is only the beggining

Tee Sheet

Premium features, unlimited possibilities

"Best experience ever"

Moderno, easy, fast...

"100% of all your needs covered"

All your academy needs in one place

"Sell more and save time"
Golf Metrics

Pick Up

"Better data, better decisions"
Revenue Management

Identify opportunities

"Sell at the right price, at the right time"

Best Golf Software, Best Golf Service

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Data migration.

We’ll have your data base transferred into Golfmanager in just a few hours and ready to go.

Team training

Golfmanager is easy to learn golf course software and intuitive like a game. We will train your team in a few hours to learn all tricks and shortcuts to make them even more productive.

System configuration.

We configure golf manager software in a few hours to meet your specific needs, ready to start operating business as usual with no disruptions.


Technical support 24/7. Do not worry about weekend faults . We are here to back up your team in any technical emergency.

Take care of your players.

We charge no commissions for online bookings to customers of your website.

Challenge Tour Player (1995-1999)
MBA South Carolina University
10 years experience in golf management
4 years experience in golf and sport Software companies

“The most efficient way to manage
your golf course”

Rafael Vera
CEO of Golfmanager
About Golfmanager “Best Golf Software”

Golfmanager Software has been developed to replace and improve the software management experience of golf clubs with the most advanced programming technology and features that can not be found in most golf point sale system available in the market.

The software project is based on a solid architecture developed over the last three years with a robust and responsive programming platform that combines simplicity and flexibility to instant response in any circumstances. It is simple and open, easy to learn and use, intuitive and attractive, fast and scalable, solid and safe. It is based on a a core cell structure with a modular architecture where. eventually plug-ins would be developed even by third parties to meet specific customers demands.

We have conducted a thorough analysis of features and functionalities of the best Golf Software available locally and internationally, mainly from the USA, to ensure that Golfmanager would be performing better than any software available in the market. We are pleased with the result and sure our clients will benefit from it.

At the beginning of 2018, we begun to developed a beta version of the program that was tested by several golf clubs in order to ensure best operating performance. In this process we have incorporated improvements and specific requirements of our customers to make it most efficient and fully responsive to the needs of a golf club. Golfmanager Software “Best Golf Software“ has been officially presented at the Madrid Golf Fair at the end of September.

Rafael Vera is the CEO of Golfmanager and one of the main promoters behind the project. His studies in Spain and the US, his time as a professional golf player, his more than 10 years work experience as a manager and green keeper, and his last 3 years in a prestigious technology software company, makes him the ideal professional to lead this ambitious project.

You can visit our Facebook page, Twitter or YouTube for more information. If you want to try Golfmanager “Best Golf Software“, please fill in your details in the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.