12 good digital practices for a more sustainable planet

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One of the advantages of digitalization is the possibility of eliminating paper from our receptions. We are in an era where environmental awareness is increasingly important. Golf, unjustly, has been associated with an image of not taking care of our environment. Therefore, from Golfmanager, we feel the obligation to support these good practices in golf clubs for a better conservation of the planet and thus be able to project an image of golf that is an example in other industries.

Retire your ticket printer and send them to your clients by email. The big brands already do it and, besides, your client will never lose the ticket!

Plastic is getting worse and worse. Replace your membership card with a digital one and you’ll avoid leaving cards with each other!

Forget about printing and filing contracts that no longer fit in your offices and switch to digital, you’ll save money and time finding them!

Be ahead of your time and manage the tournaments with digital cards, you won’t have to delay any more prize deliveries!

Forget about taking commands from your paper tables. Digitize this part and you’ll have an instant “kitchen ear!

Leave behind the printing of reports for management and administration and move into the world of real-time dashboarding!

Don’t be overwhelmed by the new transfer legislation, eliminate the paperwork, and switch to your cell phone!

Leave behind the outdated Marshal’s departure lists and give him a tablet next Christmas!

Feel like an airline, remove the marshal’s ticket and allow check-in with your cell phone.

Retire the bulletin board full of papers and offer your players a 24/7 registration service.

Go from the typical list of departures in reception to a screen where the member can see the holes where he or she wants to play.

Forget about cumbersome checkbooks and digitize the use of green fees and other services with the digital voucher – you’ll never lose your checkbook again!

In Golfmanager we are looking for managers who want to do things differently. We want to develop tools that digitize and help the environment. And you, are you joining digital sustainability?

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