Santo Domingo Country Club

Logotipo Santo Domingo Country Club
About the golf club

The Country Club was established on 1920 but the course was built in 1947 as the first golf course in the Dominican Republic.

It was created by foreign executives who wanted to continue playing golf during their stay on the island. Nowadays is the most exclusive club in the capital, known as the “Country”, is a members course with 27 holes.

The Country Club which has one of the richest populations of tres has been the seedbed for the best golfers in the country and the most recognized tournaments throughout its history.

Challenges and solutions

The “Country” approached Golfmanager in 2019 because they wanted to get prepared and modernized the Club according to the strategic plan they envisioned to host the 100th aniversary of the institution. The Board of Directors was searching for a software that will allow them to keep the security of the facilities while allowing all their members to book online all the events and activities available such golf, tennis, swimming ,multiple restaurants, etc..

Golfmanager provided them a software with all those solutions that they were looking for in just one interface, thanks to its versatility and all the booking options that allow the system to configure bookings for any kind of activity or sport that could be bookable.

Golfmanager covered all those complex requirements that associated to private clubs assuring the security of its memebers.

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