Golfmanager, The Leading All-In-One Software for Indoor Golf Simulators

In a short time, Golfmanager has become the golf industry’s fastest-growing all-in-one, cloud-based, multi-device management software. As a result of its rapid rise, Forbes Spain highlighted the company as one of the outstanding ‘Sportech startups’ of 2022. A worldwide presence supports the trajectory of a tool that is completely adapted to any type of golf […]

Fair online member bookings: Golfmanager successfully launches its new algorithm

sistema de reservas online

Golf Basozabal was the first golf course to test Golfmanager’s new algorithm to make members’ online bookings fair for everyone. Lately, due to Covid-19, online reservations for social clubs have been highly encouraged, causing crashes very often. Having the same people make reservations, or when entering names, the system says there is no availability, are […]