Golfmanager Business Intelligence module
Business Intelligence

With the BI module you will have total control of what is going on in your golf course. This module will even take you a step further in this control with Pivot Tables. This outstanding reporting tool will allow you to combine any variable to create your own customized report. The BI module will help you to get exactly the data you need and create unlimited reports.

Below you can find more features of this module:

  • Find any big data you migth need and take better decisitons
  • Customize your own reports
  • Export them to excel
  • Save to favorites

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Keep track of everything is going on in your golf club. Check on high level reports or go in depth to every detail of the operation. You will be able to choose between basic reports of sales, payments, forecasts etc. or go with the advanced control panel that will instantly and visually give you full control.