Golfmanager Dynamic pricing module
Dynamic pricing

This a revenue booster module. Update your pricing depending on your occupancy, time hour, day of the week and any other variable you would like to consider. You will be able to create thousand of prices and maximize revenues.

Look at the most outstanding features of our Dynamic Pricing Module:

  • Update your pricing depend on the availability, time hour, and time in advance
  • Umlimites fares with many restrictions that will help you customize any client/group price
  • Discount or fixed pricing fares

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Manage your Golf Academy from the same tool. Your players will be able to book a Golf lesson with their preferred PRO directly from your Website or App. Your PROS will have an App to check their schedule of the day or week. And you will control the activity of all your PROS. Isn’t that great?

In addition to golf, do you organize any activity or event for your customers? This module will allow you to easily create and post on your Website or App any activity or event that you are organizing (Tournaments, Dinners, Trainings etc.) and allow your customers to sign up and pay online.

The more payment options you give to your clients, the better. With Golfmanager you will be able to offer monetary or unit promotional vouchers to your players to increase their average ticket at your club. You will be able to choose if the voucher can just be used for Golf, Activities, Food & Beverage, ecommerce or all together.