Golfmanager payment gateway module
Payment gateway

Connect your bank account directly to Golfmanager. You will receive all the payment from the online sales to your bank account, without intermediaries and third-party commissions. We are integrated with several payment gateways all around the world.

Some of the most outstanding features of this module are:

  • Possibility to pay bookings online
  • All payments go directly to the club’s bank account
  • Client’s credit card saved in the system
  • Automated reimbursement when cancelling on and offline
  • Integrations with worldwide payment gateways

Related modules

Do you need a tool that helps you to organize and manage all your tournaments or leagues? We have it as well integrated with Golfmanager. Our Tournaments module is provided by our partner Golfdirecto and will allow you to quickly organize any tournament or league for your players.


Golfmanager has an open API. What does it mean? That you will be able to connect any other software to your Golfmanager software and customize and complement your solution. Golfmanager is already connected with several other tools such as Mailchimp, Oracle or Stripe.