Golfmanager Security module

Are you a Golf Resort with security barriers at the entrance? Then this is the module for you. You will be able to control all the entrances and exits to your premises. Request all the information you need and connect this module directly with the Bookings. Everything in the same platform.

Below you can find more features of this module:

  • Monitor any Club´s access and sincronized with software bookings for a complete control of your facilities

Related modules

2020 has change our world. We are now looking for tools that minimize the human interaction and automatize daily process. The Auto Check In module is the perfect module for this new reality. Your players will be able to go directly from the car to the Tee1. They will receive a code that will introduce in their booking and the golf course will know the player has arrived without going to the reception desk.

The golf management module that is a perfect fit for private courses. You will be able to automate most of the daily tasks related with your members, saving time and avoiding mistakes. Automate different prices for different type of members based on previously established rules. Easily and massively direct debit your member’s account.