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Basic Modules

Golfmanager is the most powerful cloud-based tee sheet and golf course management software on the market. Easy, intuitive, and fast. Your administration staff will love to work with our Tee Sheet as everything is very visual and can be checked immediately.

The golf industry’s most powerful POS. Transfer from Tee Sheet to POS and let your customers pay with any payment method. It has never been easier to manage all your tickets and invoices. The Golfmanager billing module allows you to carry on daily operations easily and quickly. Everything from the same platform, boosting the productivity of your team.


Golfmanager offers a complete CRM platform with all the tools and integrations you need to manage all your contacts/clients. You will be able to have a complete profile of your clients for comprehensive customer knowledge. Everything in the same tool.

Customer Experience

Do you want to offer the best customer experience to your players? Golfmanager will give you the tools to offer them an outstanding booking experience, from your Website or from your App. The whole booking journey takes even less than 20 seconds! You will increase the conversion rate.

Do you have more sports or activities in your Golf Club? With the Multisport Panel you will be able to offer your players bookings for any sport or activity. They will just have to choose the sport or activity they want to book, click and go directly to the booking engine.

The new way to connect and centralize your golf club’s relationship with members and players via smartphone. In less than 20 seconds, the player will be able to book a green fee or any other available sport activity. All the information about your golf course at the player’s fingertips. Easy and simple.

Retail Modules

We have the most complete retail solution for your Pro Shop. In addition to the POS (please check the POS section), you will be able to manage your inventory with easy. The Golfmanager Pro Shop module will allow you to have a total control of your stock and be always ready to meet the demand. Create purchase orders directly from your POS and manage multiple warehouses.

This is a real Food & Beverage module, it is not just a POS. You will be able to have your tables map, send orders directly to the kitchen and your customers will even be able to order directly with the Golf Course App. The F&B module also offers the digital kitchen so all the resturant team will be coordinated and aware of where is the command in every moment.

Revenue Boosters

This a revenue booster module. Update your pricing depending on your occupancy, time hour, day of the week and any other variable you would like to consider. You will be able to create thousand of prices and maximize revenues.

The more payment options you give to your clients, the better. With Golfmanager you will be able to offer monetary or unit promotional vouchers to your players to increase their average ticket at your club. You will be able to choose if the voucher can just be used for Golf, Activities, Food & Beverage, ecommerce or all together.

In addition to golf, do you organize any activity or event for your customers? This module will allow you to easily create and post on your Website or App any activity or event that you are organizing (Tournaments, Dinners, Trainings etc.) and allow your customers to sign up and pay online.

Manage your Golf Academy from the same tool. Your players will be able to book a Golf lesson with their preferred PRO directly from your Website or App. Your PROS will have an App to check their schedule of the day or week. And you will control the activity of all your PROS. Isn’t that great?

Full Automation

The golf management module that is a perfect fit for private courses. You will be able to automate most of the daily tasks related with your members, saving time and avoiding mistakes. Automate different prices for different type of members based on previously established rules. Easily and massively direct debit your member’s account.

2020 has change our world. We are now looking for tools that minimize the human interaction and automatize daily process. The Auto Check In module is the perfect module for this new reality. Your players will be able to go directly from the car to the Tee1. They will receive a code that will introduce in their booking and the golf course will know the player has arrived without going to the reception desk.

Are you a Golf Resort with security barriers at the entrance? Then this is the module for you. You will be able to control all the entrances and exits to your premises. Request all the information you need and connect this module directly with the Bookings. Everything in the same platform.

Data Management

Keep track of everything is going on in your golf club. Check on high level reports or go in depth to every detail of the operation. You will be able to choose between basic reports of sales, payments, forecasts etc. or go with the advanced control panel that will instantly and visually give you full control.

An advanced data analysis that will help you make strategic decisions with less risk and in a more objective way. Much deeper, visual, and versatile, to adapt to the specific needs of your club. State-of-the-art graphics, Big Data, KPI’s selection, and much more. Take full control of your golf club based on metrics.

With the BI module you will have total control of what is going on in your golf course. This module will even take you a step further in this control with Pivot Tables. This outstanding reporting tool will allow you to combine any variable to create your own customized report. The BI module will help you to get exactly the data you need and create unlimited reports.

Integration modules


Golfmanager has an open API. What does it mean? That you will be able to connect any other software to your Golfmanager software and customize and complement your solution. Golfmanager is already connected with several other tools such as Mailchimp, Oracle or Stripe.

Do you need a tool that helps you to organize and manage all your tournaments or leagues? We have it as well integrated with Golfmanager. Our Tournaments module is provided by our partner Golfdirecto and will allow you to quickly organize any tournament or league for your players.

Connect your bank account directly to Golfmanager. You will receive all the payment from the online sales to your bank account, without intermediaries and third-party commissions. We are integrated with several payment gateways all around the world.

Additional services

Web Design

An attractive website is one of the first positive impacts we can offer to customers and potential customers. If your club needs a new website, or if you are considering renewing the current one, we want to be your partner and help you throughout the digitization process.

Graphic Design

We offer graphic design services to give personality to your brand. All the corporate image of your golf course must be according to a very defined style.

Digital marketing platform

Centralize your digital marketing actions in a single platform.

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