Other Modules

Complete your customized software with any other module available at Golfmanager. And remember, all 100% on cloud and in the same platform!

Dynamic pricing

This a revenue booster module. Update your pricing depending on your occupancy, time hour, day of the week and any other variable you would like to consider.

  • You will be able to create thousands of prices and maximize revenues
  • Set any rules depending on type of clients or groups
  • Consider variables such as occupancy, hours, day of the week, period of the year or weather to configure prices
  • Start taking advantage of this outstanding module to increase your revenues!


Do you need a tool that helps you organizing and managing all your tournaments or leagues? We have it as well!

  • Quickly organize any tournament or league for your players
  • Enjoy the Smart Live Scoring functionality and get real time results for your tournaments
  • Connected to the Golf Federation to manage the HCP’s
  • The Tournament module is in the Golfmanager platform, so you will not have to open another software

Security management

Are you a Golf Resort with security barriers at the entrance? This is the module for you.

  • You will be able to control all the entrances and exits to your premises in the same software
  • Request all the information you need and connect this module directly with the Bookings
  • Your players will show their QR code of their App at the entrance. You will have all their information at a glance!
  • No human contact, just technology!

Documents digital signature

Golfmanager cares about sustainability. We are focused on avoiding paper and plastic and simplify our customer’s operations.

  • Easily sign contracts online and save them in your platform. You will save time and paper
  • Your customers will be happy to know that you implement processes that care about sustainability
  • No more printing, no more paper and lost contracts in the drawers!

Web development

An attractive website is one of the first positive impacts we can offer to our customers. If your club needs a new website, or if you are considering renewing the current one, we want to be your partner. Some of the benefits of having a great website are:

  • Give always a good first impression, increase your conversion and maximize sales
  • Boost loyalty as your customers will always be updated of what is happening at your golf course

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