How to improve as a golf instructor

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After studying at the Royal Spanish Golf Federation as a technical instructor for beginners, a federated player already receives his diploma that accredits him as an instructor for newer players.

The same happens working with children as with adult beginners in the sport, this golf instructor can work the same in an autonomous regime or as a teacher associated to a club, a school or a golf academy. Nevertheless, there are several ways to improve as a golf instructor that must be taken into account to make a career in this profession.

The formal paths

Once the course has expired as an initiation technician, an instructor can choose to continue improving his or her training and enroll in the level 2 of the Royal Spanish Golf Federation, which accredits him or her as a Golf and Pitch & Putt Technician or an Improvement Technician.

This professional already works with more advanced players, and has the necessary training to improve the technique of his students to turn them into real competitive athletes.

If you still wish to improve as an instructor and once you have acquired the Sports Technician in Golf and Pitch & Putt course, the teacher can apply for admission to the upper level of the scale as a golf instructor. With a duration of approximately one year, you obtain the category of Superior Sports Technician in Golf and Pitch & Putt. This is the maximum endorsement given by the Royal Spanish Golf Federation and turns the instructor into a real master, able to train professionals of competition in the sport.

Moreover, the third level as an instructor prepares you to manage and administer clubs and golf schools, so if you want to have your own academy and train future champions, this must be your professional goal.

Achieving excellence as a golf instructor

However, keep in mind that formal instruction is not everything. No matter how much teaching you get from the courses, if you do not love teaching and are not seriously interested in the progress of your students, you will never progress as a golf instructor.

Keep in mind that while a good teacher can introduce you to the world of golf, a bad one can take you out of it. I am sure that in your own development you will have met both types of instructors and eye: a good instructor does not have to be complacent or nice. It has to be a professional of the sport with the ability to help you progress in it.

A teacher must have the knowledge, the attitude to teach, the empathy to know what attention each student requires and, why not, the technical ability to demonstrate in practice his or her teachings.

Finally, a golf teacher must be aware of the advances in technology, be organized and manage his or her time well. Only in this way will he be able to dedicate it effectively to the teaching of the sport, paying attention to the needs of the student without being pressured.

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