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After a year working with Lo Romero, the golf course that sells the most online in Spain, I realize that getting to invoice more online is a reality and it starts at one point: defining the club’s online strategy. At Lo Romero they had been clear for some time that the majority of bookings should go through their website, and they set to work.

Selling online can bring us many added advantages: it is a reception that is always open, that can attend thousands of users at once, you can send him an ad while he is buying, you can force him to leave an email for future promotions… among many others.

So if your field wants to imitate the best, here I name just 3 ideas that will help your online strategy.

Eliminate online commissions

Your club’s website should have the most attractive price on the internet. Booking fees are not only something that annoy your players, they also make our product less competitive. If your current software charges these commissions, try to get the club to take them on as you will see the benefits in the long run. Or, if online strategy is going to be a priority for your club, imitate Lo Romero by switching to software that does not charge commissions.

Position your club in search engines

It is important that when a player wants to book at your club, and searches for you on Google, he finds you first and does not go anywhere else. Having our club present in OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) is very beneficial when a player does not know where to play and wants to evaluate several options within an App. These apps can bring us new players and it is essential to talk to all of them. But if the player intended to play in our club, he should enter our website and not elsewhere. This is beneficial for the club for obvious reasons: you do not see availability of other fields, the contact is only for the club, you will only receive future offers from us, I can offer you cross-selling on my web and a long etcetera. Therefore, look at Google who fights for that positioning when typing the name of your club and think how to correct this mismatch. And very important, have a club’s own online booking technology where the contact is only yours and you don’t have to share it with anyone else. You will make sure that the offers this player receives in the future are only those of your golf course.

Provide your agencies with tools

If you are a commercial field you will know that the time invested in attending to agency requests takes up a lot of your time. A good online strategy is to divert all that work to your website. Today we already have the technology in the market to be able to offer a single club website where all your clients can live together: direct player, partner and agency. With only a user and password, the agency will see their availability and prices so they don’t have to bother the club. Imagine being able to divert all this management of hotels, agencies, tour operators, etc. to your website… a whole digital strategy!

If you liked these 3 ideas to improve the online sale of your golf club, contact Golfmanager to explain in detail these and other strategies to help the digitization of your golf course. Greetings!

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