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November 2020 Version

Golfmanager is now an official partner of Oracle! and under the arm brings the connection to the most popular PMS in hotels: Opera. With this integration you will be able to load sales from Golfmanager to the client’s room in 2 clicks.

The payment gateway par excellence in Latin America is now available. With it you can start accepting online payments for your reservations and registrations.

One of the most important payment gateways in the world is now available, with presence in America, Europe and Asia. With it you can start accepting online payments for your reservations and registrations.

We have adapted the most used payment gateway in Spain to the new double-factor security regulation that will be applied in January 2021.

From now on, when you book online and enter the name of the first player, the rest of the players will not be filled in with that name to look for the player to put the name of all the players.

In addition, an advanced option is now allowed so that the player has to choose a client in the club’s database for better control of the green fee price and statistics.

An advanced option has also been created to limit the number of maximum bookings of a player per area of the club (golf, range, racket, etc.)

We have improved the usability of our “deposits”. Now when the customer pays for a sale with his “deposit” balance, the remaining balance appears on the ticket. In addition, when we recharge a customer’s deposit from the POS, we get a “Recharge done successfully” message. We also incorporate the possibility of printing the receipt of this deposit.
We have improved some aspects of the Billing module such as that now, when a paid sale is cancelled, the cancellation ticket is printed automatically. Or also that we incorporate an advanced option so that the system does not automatically invoice (Simplified Invoice) after the collection.

We improved some aspects of the stock module like that now the stock list is importable, we simplified the average price algorithm for reports, or the possibility of a simple scan.

We add in the online part of each client their class list so they don’t have to call the club to know when they have their next session.

We improve third party connectivity with Golfmanager by adding tags and invoices to the documentation.

We already have the program translated into French in order to offer the best technology to the country of love.

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