Payment gateway fully integrated with Golfmanager

Accept payments with any credit card*, fully integrated with your Golfmanager system.

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Take advantage of all its benefits

Automate cash closings easilly

The system counts the total payments per card and reviews the charge slips. Forget about overdrafts.

Platform integrated with Golfmanager

It connects all devices and centralizes the control of all cash boxes and golf courses in a single solution.

Faster sales cycles, instant collection of payment

Accelerate sales cycles and payments, receiving real-time confirmation of payments.

Simplify the purchase ticket

Proof of payment included in the same purchase ticket.

Avoid double-typing

It ends manual allocation and duplication of processes.

Reduce waiting times

It reduces queues and waiting times at the POS. Greater agility for you and your customers.

Last generation devices

POS terminals suitable for your golf course and with the latest technology.

Assistance when you need it

You will have assistance covering all problems and incidents related to payments and terminals.

Value-added solutions

Add new functionalities to your business, adapted to customer demand.

Linked to your current bank account with daily payments.

Accept all favorite payment methods

Process payments with all major credit and debit cards,
such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express, whether chip and pin or contactless.

With one of the best terms on the market

The most complete payment solution for your business. No hidden costs:

Integrated Gateway + POS Terminal

+TD (Transaction discount rate)

Frequently asked questions

Yes, no matter what your bank is. You only have to indicate the bank account number where you want to deposit the payments received through the platform and they will be credited daily.

Yes, with our payment platform you can automate your cash closings. Every day the total payments per card will be counted and credited to your bank account.

You will have web access to Commerce Analytics, where you will be able to consult the list of your sales operations carried out in real time, historical data, reports, etc. You will have the detail of date and time, terminal ID, authorization number, card number, merchant, payment method and type of transaction. In addition to more valuable information for your business.

Yes, our platform allows you to centralize the control of all your cash registers and facilities in a single solution.

You can register in the following ways:
1.- Requesting it to your salesperson, who will inform you about the next steps.
2.- By completing the form on this page.
Our Customer Service team will contact you to guide you through the next steps.

*The funds protection system chosen by Comercia Global Payments, Entidad de Pago, S.L. for its customers is their deposit in a separate account opened with CaixaBank S.A.