Manage your golf academy with Golfmanager. This module offers the best experience for the players, pros and, of course, for you. Your players will be able to book a golf lesson with their favorite PRO directly from the web or the App.

Manage golf lessons

  • Design all types of private lessons or courses.
  • Change and modify your lessons in just a few clicks.
  • View the payment status of your paid lessons and quickly access your payment processing when needed

Dynamic pricing

  • Select different billing formats by class or course type.
  • Create different rates according to the user’s profile.
  • Adjust your prices according to the anticipation and the number of sales.

Multi-sport classes

  • Customizable to the needs of any type of sport discipline.
  • Display each discipline individually.
  • Manage your teachers’ schedules according to sport in one calendar.

Different display options

  • Teachers will have an App to check their daily or weekly schedule
  • The calendar is also displayed in “administration” by teacher or by date.
  • You can also filter the display of classes by teacher, student, or type of class.

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