Restaurant POS

We have created an exceptional cloud-based POS for restaurant management so that you can optimize your orders and manage them in a uniform and efficient way, saving you on costs and allowing you to find new invoicing options.

The best POS to manage your restaurant

  • Manage your club’s restaurant from anywhere.
  • Customize your POS with buttons, folders and images to adapt it to your business with an attractive design.
  • Integrate all your club’s operations into a single software and increase your efficiency in a big way.

Optimized management for kitchen and table area

  • Personalize orders with labels and send them to the digital kitchen in just a few clicks.
  • Process and modify transactions in seconds. Accept different payment methods.
  • Print cash receipts automatically or manually.
  • Perform daily register checkouts in a quick and easy way.

More ways to optimize your business

  • 360º vision of all your customer’s purchases, both on the golf course and in the restaurant.
  • Link orders to your customers in the database. Allows you to pay with vouchers or bill their account.
  • Offer discounts and coupons for specific customers, with the integrated management system.
  • Digitized management of your invoices to save you time. Edit, print or send them in just 3 clicks.

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