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July 2020 developments

It is time to start showing all your events online and allow your players join any of these, including online payments.
We release our second version of Metrics, our dashboard that gives you all the insights about your billing and bookings.
Now you can work easily with more than one currency, managing different rates, printing tickets with all the information, helping operator match their currency at the end of the day, etc.
With this version, you will be able to add tips to your tickets. Very usefull for our F&B module
Stop worrying about manually refunding green fees to your clients. Now this process can be automatic. Ask our team how to activate it.
Now this Dominican Republic Payment Gateway is available for all courses in the country to start accepting online payments.
Now you can sell your transportation services online and offline, keeping track of all this area as friendly as never before.
Now you can assign the settings permissions to any of your employees. Stop worrying about critical setups.

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