Golfmanager has partnered with the top players in the industry to provide the most comprehensive and quality offer to its golf courses. These are our partners:

Connect with Opera Cloud

Golfmanager is an Oracle official partner. Our software is one the very few Golf Club Management Softwares around the world connected with the Oracle hospitality solution, Opera Cloud.

Take advantage of this Golfmanager integration and manage your golf course and hotel in the same tool. You will be able to assign any expense of the client at the golf premises to its room in the hotel as well as many other advantages.

software recommended by Leading courses

Improve your ratings in Leading Courses

Golfmanager has a Preferred Supplier Agreement with Leading Courses as stretegic partner.

Every month, millions of golfers check golf courses and photos on, the largest golf course review site of Europe.

Attract more customers by improving your club’s ratings on this platform fully integrated with Golfmanager.

Better greens and fairways with Turf Assistant

Turf Assistant is a single and integrated platform built to maximize labor operations, save time and money, improve overall conditions, gain insight and maintain structure and control for turf operating facilities in your golf courses.

Golfmanager has a partnership agreement with Turf Assistant to offer its golf courses the best maintenance tool on the market.

Offer dynamic prices with Priswing

No more peak or off-peak hours. Your golf course always full by adjusting prices to the offer and demand of each moment.

Our dynamic pricing module is fully integrated with Priswing so you will find it really easy to adapt the time slots with the right prices at every moment.

A complete dynamic pricing suite, specifically designed to modernize golf course commercial management.

Data driven management with Tagmarshall

Tagmarshal, the leader in golf course intelligence software, optimizes on-course operations. The industry-trusted system provides full operational oversight and reporting, proactive, real-time management of field flow, and data-driven management, which drives cost savings.

Golfmanager and Tagmarshall have a partnership agreement to help golf courses all over the world to be 100% digitized

Automated email marketing with inOne

inOne has a variety of marketing tools that help golf courses to maximize their revenue by automating marketing tasks. Some of the more popular tools offered are email marketing, surveys, advanced reporting, loyalty cards and e-commerce.

Turn your users into audiences and offer them products based on their profiles, automatically, without investing time and effort.