Most advanced features for golf courses

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  1. Tee Sheet
  2. Accounting Management
  3. Inventory Management
  4. Events Management
  5. Gift Card Management
  6. CRM
  7. POS
  8. Payments Processing
  9. Reports
  10. Lesson Scheduling
  11. Yield Management
  12. Booking Engine
  13. Restaurant

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Tee Sheet

Single or groups bookings, repeat, copy, move, block, stats, notes, filters, icons y colors, multi course or resource.

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golfmanager accounting

Accounting Management

Connections to most common accounting softwares.

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Inventory Management

Stocks, movements, warehouses, barcodes, reports

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golfmanager inventory
golfmanager events

Events Management

Tournaments, summer camps, dinners, special events, etc.

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Gift Card Management

Gift Cars, money & unit vouchers, transfers, rain checks...

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golfmanager voucher golf software
golfmanager crm golf software


Quotes, emailings, stats, vouchers, credit cards & bank accounts, custom fields, profiles, picture.

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articles, quotes, vouchers, payments, tickets, invoices, product groups, pictures, multi payments, parked sales.

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golfmanager pos golf software
golfmanager payments golf software

Payments Processing

Cash, cards, vouchers, direct debit, tickets, invoices.

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YOY, pick up, OTB, forecast, budget, tables, KPIs

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golfmanager dashboard golf software
golfmanager academy golf software

Lesson Scheduling

Particular & group lessons, teachers app, day & week views, filters, payments

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Yield Management

Maximise your incomes with dynamic prices

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golfmanager yield golf software
golfmanager online golf software

Booking Engine

Get your own booking engine, no commissions and own Payment Gateway. single and group bookings, rentals, transfers, activities, credits.

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Manage your Food & Beverage department and Beverage Menu all in one tool

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golfmanager yield golf software
golfmanager webs golf software


Do you need a Website? Just ask and we can do it for you.

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