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Module: Activites. Featured
Activities & Events
It is time to start showing all your events online and allow your players join any of these, including online payments.
Module: Metrics. Featured
We release our second version of Metrics, our dashboard that gives you all the insights about your billing and bookings.
Module: Billing. Featured
Now you can work easily with more than one currency, managing different rates, printing tickets with all the information, helping operator match their currency at the end of the day, etc.
Module: Billing. Featured
With this version, you will be able to add tips to your tickets. Very usefull for our F&B module.
Module: Billing. Featured
Stripe/Redsys automatic refund
Stop worrying about manually refunding green fees to your clients. Now this process can be automatic. Ask our team how to activate it.
Module: Billing. Featured
Now this Dominican Republic Payment Gateway is available for all courses in the country to start accepting online payments.
Module: Booking. Featured
Now you can sell your transportation services online and offline, keeping track of all this area as friendly as never before..
Settings permissions
Now you can assign the settings permissions to any of your employees. Stop worrying about critical setups.
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From today, we save who changed anything in your Golfmanager to keep track of any daily issue.
Module: Prodelfi.
We connect your Golfmanager to Prodefli, one of the most important golf ball dispenser readers in the spanish market. Now you can offer your players to refill their money balance from your App and you can forget you physical cards to move to Phone Reading.
Module: Booking
Booking Module Improvements
We added extra tools to our best module of all:
- Default Tag. Now you can add a "tag" to your bookings to show directly in your tee sheet without having to get into its details.
- Show only empty tee times. Now you can setup your online bookings to offer just those tee times that are completely empty.
- Pre booking. Activating this option when booking online, the tee time selected will be automatically blocked for 5 minutes to let senior golfers fill the names without the risk of losing their tee times.
- Left Select. Activating this option when booking in the back office, clicking on the slot 4 (for example), the system will select all the cells on the left without having to select them one by one.
- Booking Search. Now, when using the search tool to find a player, cliking on it that booking details will show automatically allowing the operator work faster.
- Resources Dropdown menu. Since we can manage not just golf, if you have many resources in your Golfmanager, the button style is automatically changed to a Dropdown mode to fit your screen better.
- Beneficiary name. Now you can send confirmation emails with the name of all the players in it.
- Custom Online Menu. We can customize your Golfmanager Online Menu to look similar to your website.
Module: F&B
Restaurant Module Improvements
We added extra tools to our Restaurant module:
- Client, operator and table name. We add these 3 fields to the order you send to the kitchen printer.
- Ask for main dishes. A new buttom is available to ask the kitchen to start cooking a table's main dishes.
- Diners. Now you can keep track of your diners.
Other developments
Here you have some more developments available at this version:
- Culture customization. Now you can customize how you want the data to be shown (date format, currency format, etc).
- Security Guard. We added the field "member's ID" to this module to help private clubs.
- Fixed amount discount. Now you can make an automatic discount for a fix amount and not only a final price or discount.
- Block resource when adding a lesson. You can block a tennis court or driving range slot automatically when adding a lesson in our Academy module.
- Export BI to Excel. Export your custom reports to Excel is now available.
- Birthdays. We improved our date filter to know how many of our clients are celebrating their birthdays.
- Select player online. Now you decide how players have to introduce their names when booking online. The options are: simple text, seach in the database by name, or by Member ID.
- Japanese. A new tranlation has been added to Golfmanager. This time we welcome japanese!
If you want to know more about this version, please feel free to contact our support team.


Module: Bookings. Featured
Powerful plugin to allow sell online packages where players are forced to choose which days they are coming to play.
Other developments
Here you have some more developments available at this version:
- Title. Description.
- Title. Description
If you want to know more about this version, please feel free to contact our support team.

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