Golfmanager Food and beverage module
Food & Beverage

This a real Food & Beverage module, it is not just a POS. You will be able to have your tables map, send orders directly to the kitchen and even your customers will be able to order directly with the Golf Course App. Here are some of the top features of this module:

  • Customized and modern table and room map.
  • Customized and modern POS button menu.
  • Possibility to add modifications to dishes and labels.
  • Send orders to kitchen and bar.
  • Send first, second and desserts to the kitchen.
  • Modify the price and discounts.
  • Roles for not being able to modify price and discounts.
  • Move the whole or part of the order to another table.
  • Customer account.
  • Split payments.
  • Possibility to pay with tokenized cards.
  • Possibility of direct debit sales.
  • Ability to pay with vouchers.
  • Possibility to add personalized payment methods.
  • Ticket printing and personalization.
  • Invoice and proforma issuance with customized templates.
  • Billing reports and statistics.
  • Management of order lists.
  • Notification of which table has ordered the order.
  • Possibility to pay debts by email.
  • Customer CRM and possibility of email communications.
  • Cash register management: opening, closing, deposits, withdrawals, summary.

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