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Manage bookings, memberships, restaurant, academy, or events with a single software, offering the best booking experience to your players.

Automate processes and increase productivity

Digitize your golf club with the latest technology. Save time and money with a management software made by and for golf professionals, just like you!

Enhance your players' experience

Offer an unrivaled experience, both online and in the club. Give your players all the features and services they want in a seamless and easy way.

What is your type of golf club?

Boost the sale of green fees and other services to players and tour operators with the management tools that Golfmanager offers. Lo Romero Golf, the top online selling course in Spain, or Punta Espada Golf, the most exclusive commercial course in the Caribbean, are already successfully using Golfmanager technology.

Sync reservations with membership fees automatically to minimize errors and provide the best experience to your members. Olgiata Golf Club, a leading social club in Italy, or the prestigious Real Club Sevilla Golf and Basozabal in Spain, are some of the private clubs using Golfmanager technology.

Our flexible booking tool allows you to offer the best technology whether your player is a member or a visitor. The system will know how to recognize customers and offer options according to their profile.

The best resorts in the world choose Golfmanager. Manage any sport or activity in a single software: golf, tennis, fitness, spa. Connect the course management with the best PMS on the market and have a 360° view of everything that happens in the Resort. Costa Navarino, one of the best resorts in the world, chooses Golfmanager.

Manage multiple courses in a single application. We know that sharing player, member, and report databases for all your courses in one place will help you organize your business. Infinitum Golf and La Finca Resort are two of the clubs that manage all their courses with Golfmanager.

Increase your sales and revenue

Learn more about the most flexible golf club management software on the market and its multiple tools to generate new sources of income for your club.

Integrate Golfmanager with other tools

Thanks to our open APIs, Golfmanager, can further enhance your management software by integrating it with more than 50 other tools.

Golf course management modules

These are all the plugins that make up the Golfmanager golf solution and that will allow you to have a simple, intuitive, and comprehensive management of your golf course.

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