Golfmanager Pro shop module
Pro shop

We have the most complete retail solution for your Pro Shop. In addition to the POS (please check the POS section), you will be able to manage your inventory with easy. The Golfmanager Pro Shop module will allow you to have a total control of your stock and be always ready to meet the demand. Create purchase orders directly from your POS and manage multiple warehouses.

Some of the most outstanding features of this module are:

  • Manage your stock and orders
  • Update your stock inventory
  • Multiple wharehouses
  • Stock value and margin by sales reports
  • Complete product by product detailed stock records
  • Barcode reader ready

Related modules

This is a real Food & Beverage module, it is not just a POS. You will be able to have your tables map, send orders directly to the kitchen and your customers will even be able to order directly with the Golf Course App. The F&B module also offers the digital kitchen so all the resturant team will be coordinated and aware of where is the command in every moment.