Golfmanager Billing module
POS & Billing

The golf industry’s most powerful POS. Transfer from Tee Sheet to POS and pay with any payment method. Allow your customers to pay now or to charge their account later. Sell any product or service directly from a simple and intuitive POS: green fees, buggies, gloves, clubs, food & beverage etc.

It has never been easier to manage all your tickets and invoices. The Golfmanager billing module allows you to carry on daily operations such as issuing invoices or send them by email, easily and quickly. Everything from the same platform, boosting the productivity of your team.

Here are some of the top features of this module:

  • Customizable POS with buttons, folders, photos, etc.
  • Possibility of selling items, reservations, vouchers, memberships.
  • Product and barcode search engine
  • Editing of each sale: name, units, price, discount.
  • Possibility to add comments to a sale.
  • Possibility to add labels to a sale.
  • Option to split a sale into several payment methods.
  • Automatic pricing according to customer profile.
  • Dynamic pricing.
  • Sending the ticket by email.
  • Detailed and summarized view of the sale.
  • Display of unpaid, paid, and credit sales.
  • Single and split payments.
  • Payments with vouchers.
  • Deliveries on account.
  • Possibility to assign the payment of a sale to a different customer.
  • Tickets, proforma and invoices.
  • Invoice series customization.
  • Customization of invoice templates.
  • Mass invoicing to customers and agencies.
  • Automatic booking breakdown on agency invoices.
  • Ticket printer and ticket personalization.
  • Partial refunds.
  • Ability to send debt to customer by email.
  • Possibility to park sales.
  • Display of last sales.
  • Upload sales manually or with barcode.
  • Cash management: opening, closing, deposits, withdrawals, summary.
  • Possibility to add customized payment methods.
  • List of sales, collections, receipts, tickets, invoices with search engine and filters.
  • Invoicing report, BI, and dashboard.
  • Role management for not being able to edit prices and discounts.
  • Manage different taxes and companies.
  • Display of customer alerts on sale.
  • Quick creation of products with variants.
  • Promotional codes.
  • SEPA direct debits.
  • Preview of document Q19.
  • Card tokenization.
  • Cancellation and discount reasons.
  • Multi-currency management.
  • Online sale of vouchers and installments.
  • Display of customer invoices in the online profile.
  • Quickly manage your checks and invoices.
  • Issue daily and monthly invoices in 5 clicks.
  • Print or send them by email in 3 clicks.
  • Edit your invoices after issuing.
  • Customize your templates.

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Golfmanager offers a complete CRM platform with all the tools and integrations you need to manage all your contacts/clients. You will be able to have a complete profile of your clients for comprehensive customer knowledge. Everything in the same tool.

Golfmanager is the most powerful cloud-based tee sheet and golf course management software on the market. Easy, intuitive, and fast. Your administration staff will love to work with our Tee Sheet as everything is very visual and can be checked immediately.