Table map

Organize your restaurant, bar or café with our Table Map. You will be able to organize, move, add or delete all the necessary elements to adapt it to your business in an intuitive, fast and effective way.

Customize your table plan

  • Create as many spaces as you need (restaurant, terrace, reserved seating…) according to the configuration of your facility.
  • Design, order and organize your map elements in a quick and easy way.
  • Organize different areas and link them to each other so you can browse in a fast and intuitive way.

Create and customize your own elements

  • Create your own illustrations.
  • Add as many elements as you need.
  • Indicate which elements are allowed to be linked to a sale through the POS or, indicate which elements are only decorative elements of the floor plan.

Link your table plan to the POS

  • The integration of the table plan with the POS will allow you to directly match the sales of each table to a customer.
  • Display the status of a table according to a color code.
  • Move an account between different tables and areas.
  • Assign the number of guests per table.

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