10 reasons why digitize your golf club (I): All-in-one software.

Ten reasons why to digitize your golf club

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Increase team productivity by managing your entire golf club with 1 single program (Tee Sheet, Fees, Competitions, Restaurant, etc.)

Golfmanager has just launched the campaign “10 reasons to digitize your golf club”. With it, we are going to focus each month, from this March until the end of the year, on one reason why all golf clubs should think about digitizing 100% of their golf club operations.

Digitizing a golf club doesn’t just mean builind up a website so your customers can book online. Digitizing a golf club goes much further. Golf clubs that know how to adapt well to the digital transformation with the right tools will undoubtedly be those that in the coming years will have a significant competitive advantage over the rest.

Currently many golf clubs in Spain and Portugal use several programs, or sometimes even Excel sheets, for the daily management of their needs: one program for the Tee Sheet, another software for competitions, another one for membership fees, others for the Restaurant, etc.

Obviously, using a single golf course management software that integrates all these applications has many advantages over using several:

1. By digitizing your golf club, your team will be much more productive and efficient:

You will no longer have to be opening several programs at the same time, passing data from one to another (with the probability of error that this implies) and spending time on manual tasks that do not add value. All this will be reflected in the motivation of the team. They will work much more at ease. In addition, the learning curve is much faster since workers will not have to learn several softwares, but only one.

2. Everything is connected when digitizing your golf club:

How much time is wasted to move data from one software to another? or from Excel to a program? If we were to calculate the time a person can spend on this task, we would quickly see that having a program that centralizes the data in one place is very advantageous. Whether you use the competition program, the tee sheet or the fees, it all comes from the same interconnected database.

3. Impact on your income statement:

Digitalization allows golf clubs to be much more efficient in their processes, saving costs. The automation of these processes, sometimes without the intervention of a single person, is a good proof of this. A single golf course management software will allow you to automate manual tasks to the maximum because, as everything is connected, you will not have to repeat processes, but the same program will do it automatically.

Click here if you want to know more reasons to digitize your golf club.

Otherwise, next month, Golfmanager will reveal another of the motivations that every golf club should have to digitally transform itself.

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