3 tools to allow the social distancing of golf players

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We are getting closer and closer to being able to return to “normal” golf club activity after confinement.

However, the return to the activity will be marked by a series of measures that all clubs must adopt to adapt to the opening protocol established by golf federations and associations.

These 3 tools of Golfmanager are going to allow the clubs to adapt to this protocol and always offer the best experience and security to their players.

Online reservations for all groups (partners, visitors, agencies etc.)

Online reservations will become, if not already, a fundamental requirement that all players will demand. With Golfmanager all groups will be able to book online, partners, visitors, agencies, tour operators, and also without any commission.

Online payment for all groups and with your own payment gateway

The cash, for the time being, has passed away. Clubs should offer alternative forms of payment. These are the 3 forms of payment offered by Golfmanager:

  • Online payment for everyone and with your own payment gateway. There is no need to change the bank, the club can still use its own bank and players can pay for their online reservations by card. Very important is the possibility that Golfmanager offers to tokenize the cards, which allows to save in the system the card of the client and not to ask for it again.
  • Coin bonus. The player can buy a voucher online and every time he consumes a service or product from the club, the balance of the voucher is automatically deducted.
  • Club account. The player consumes at the club throughout the month and is charged to his card at the end of the month.

Online Self-Check-in

Can you imagine being able to book online and go directly from the parking lot to the Tee 1 without going through reception? This option is enabled by the Golfmanager Self-Check-in module.

When players book online, they will receive a confirmation email with a code to be entered in the App or Web of the club when they arrive at the club. This way the club will know that they have arrived to play and the player will not have to go through reception.

At Golfmanager we work every day so that the clubs always have the best technology at their disposal and offer the best experience to their players. Soon we will also present the tools that the club’s workers have available for a safe return to work.

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