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Nowadays, a business without a website is simple doomed. And golf is not the exception: golfers score swing tips on social media, get discount greens fees on online booking sites and buy second-hand equipment via e-commerce sites. They also seek important information about the golf course where they are going to play and the facilities at the golf club: whole—rates, layout, food options, and more.

So the first impression you need to make is not at the state-of-the-art golf course you manage. The place to attract new customers is your golf facility’s website. It needs to be user-friendly, informative, bright, vibrant, and exciting enough to say, “Come play with us.”

Here we compiled 10 great golf websites that fulfill all of these requirements. So, if you are creating or renovating your golf course website, take a close look at these examples.

Blue Ocean Golf Club

The Blue Ocean Golf Club website is our first example of how a golf website should be. You can see all the information a golfer needs at a glance: carts status, date, driving range hours, employment opportunities, first tee time, frost delay, junior spring break camps, next scheduled website update, number of holes open, restaurant status, temporary green status, time of update, and even vaccine requirements and COVID information.

If you scroll down you will get details about the course, golf rates, and wedding and events information.

Brockville Country Club

When a club has a lot to say, is better to do that in a proper and organized way. The Brockville Country Club website is a model to follow: concise yet detailed, from the very home page you may see all what a golfer needs to know.

From the home page, they provide useful info for all golfers, like About Us, Directions, Plan a Visit, Tour the Course, and Weddings. At the top you will find links to the Board of Directors, club history, course details, COVID data, Curling information, dress code, golf rates, menus, reciprocal information, and winter activities.

Capitol City Golf Club

This golf club located in the capital of Washington State has an outstanding homepage, which invites you to reserve a tee time right away. From the website, you can also get course details, and if you scroll down you may read a nice history of the facility and their GolfBoard Liability Waiver.

Kapalua Golf & Tennis

Located in Hawaii, this golf course and tennis facility offer you rest and relaxation right from its home page. Organized in convenient dropdown menus, there is a lot of useful information. Another aspect to highlight is the easy access to the facility’s eCommerce site. All the information is back it up with amazing photos, guidance about instruction at the golf academy, and tennis and pickleball details. There is even a live-streamed view of the golf course.

Osprey Ridge Golf Course

This website welcomes the visitor with a stellar image of the course from above. The home page and the whole site are very intuitive and easy to use, pack with all the information a golfer needs. Events, lessons, dress code, and online shop tabs headline are at the top of the homepage in an attractive, easy, and informative format.

Paradise Valley and Rancho Solano Golf Courses

Located in San Francisco and Sacramento, the website of the Paradise Valley and Rancho Solano Golf Courses give to golfers the real feel of the facility. You can even know when they are planning to punch the greens.

It is a real example of how a golf course website should be in terms of information, so if you are a golf course owner, GM, PGA Professional, or webmaster it is a great idea to let the golfers know when you’re aerating the greens, as they do at Paradise Valley and Rancho Solano.

Perth Golf Course

Based in Ontario, this golf course website has a peculiar innovation: it provides a list, like a regular blog, with easy-to-find tabs at the top of the screen. This list gives you all the reasons why you should play on their golf course: amenities, friendly staff, local history, reasonable rates, and the challenge (info about the course itself).

Sand Creek Station

The Sand Creek Station website uses a revolutionary element: views of the course from a drone-eye. Using this technology the future customer is instantly immersed in a dynamic drone tour of the facility directly from the start, with no arrow to press or video to activate. It is like entering the Sand Creek Station golf course yourself and moving from a ball point of view, plotting your series of shots, just entering the website.

Timberlinks Golf Club

Ranked the seventh best club in the massive state of Texas, the Timberlinks Golf Club website stands out for its bright, vibrant images of the golf course. It has a scorecard image displayed, and greener fairways than many big-budget 18-hole layouts, that move you to click on the “Book a Tee-Time” tab (that never leaves the screen).

University of New Mexico Golf Courses

The University of New Mexico Golf Courses’ website is another example of how a website of this business should be. It provides key information about the golf course, a PDF of the scorecard, rates, and a simple way to book a tee time. Each time a user enters the website, a booking widget pops up as the very first thing your future customer will see, so golfers can then click the button and proceed through the process right away. For a more detailed description of the golf course options, including rates and scorecards, it is as easy as scroll down.

We hope that this top-ten list of golf clubs will give you a better idea of the key features that you have to include in yours. But always remember that your website must be informative, well-designed, and user-friendly, regardless of the ideas you may include to make your website distinct and different from others, but including your own services and amenities provided to golfers.


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