Golfmanager and Visual Golf merge to create Golfmanager APP

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Golfmanager and Visual Golf have decided to join paths with the aim of consolidating their position as technological leaders in the world of golf and offer the most complete and advanced platform in the industry to its customers: Golfmanager App.

From now on, Golfmanager will offer a personalized mobile application, called Golfmanager App, to each of its clubs so that players, both members and visitors, can have an extraordinary experience when booking a Green Fee or any other sport activity.

In addition, it is especially noteworthy that the Golfmanager App is not generic, in which several clubs appear, but each App is personalized and has the name of the golf course, so players will find it and can download it in Apple Store or Google Play by searching for the name of the club.

The union of the two technologies will allow everything to be perfectly integrated between the mobile App and the golf management software, facilitating the work of club workers on one hand and enabling, on the other hand, that players can enjoy countless options and advantages of using it, among which are:

  • Book any sport activity and pay online
  • Book activities or events and pay online
  • Signing up for leagues or tournaments, entering the results and consulting data (starts and results) in the app
  • Digital card that can be used, for example, for access to the club or for the ball machines
  • Integrations with hardware solutions (weather, access, CCTV)
  • Automated catering and buggy-bar services
  • Automated correspondence
  • Digital card and playbook
  • Advanced Push Notifications (video, images, attachments, links and long texts)


Rafael Vera, CEO of Golfmanager, comments that “this is a natural union between the two best technologies that currently exist in Spain and Portugal. Golfmanager has already established itself as the most innovative and fastest growing management software in the last 2 years and Visual Golf has an amazing mobile solution for golf players. It was only a matter of time before we decided to join forces and offer the industry a collaborative solution that we believe will make us stand out even more as the leaders in technology and innovation in golf.”

For his part, Diego Maté, CEO of Visual Golf, expresses his “satisfaction to join the Golfmanager team. With this union we offer the industry the most complete and innovative solution as we cover all the management part that the club needs and now we also offer the best customer experience, both Web and mobile, to golf players. Our main focus and effort is to offer the Club the largest ecosystem of utilities and microservices in the cloud so that their members and customers can enjoy them in their own APP thus achieving their maximum satisfaction in any interaction with the club”.

Golfmanager is a management software that was born in 2018 and already has more than 100 courses around the world. Its main markets are Spain and Portugal but it already has customers in 7 other countries, of which the Dominican Republic stands out especially.

Visual Golf arrived on the market a year ago and has established itself as the leading company in Spain of customized mobile Apps for golf courses, offering a tremendously innovative tool for clubs and players.

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