How to federate in the world of golf?

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To play in any golf course in Spain, it is necessary to be federated in the Real Federación Española de Golf. Obtaining this license is a mandatory requirement, both to enjoy the game and to compete at a professional level.

Most schools, academies and even junior golf camps require the presentation of a certificate of this procedure, which is also necessary to pass courses in order to present oneself as an instructor.

Federation is a way to guarantee that the player is prepared to play golf in open fields, in a respectful and safe way.

It is not enough to buy the clubs

This requirement is not demanded in other sports, but there is a very good reason for it to be mandatory in golf. The fundamental reason is that the implements of this sport are of remarkable hardness and potentially dangerous for other people and the facilities.

By federating, the player is covered by a civil responsibility insurance that covers the costs of possible accidents that occur while practicing golf. In addition, the maintenance of the courses and other facilities of a golf club are expensive and specialized. By being federated, it is guaranteed that the player has a minimum knowledge of how to play and move around the course in a responsible way.

That is why novice players must first practice on safe courses, where they do not put the golf course or other players at risk.

How to federate in golf in Spain?

There are several ways to join the Royal Spanish Golf Federation, depending on whether you belong to a club or not. If the player is affiliated to a club, a duly completed license application form can be submitted. With this document in his possession, the Club is responsible for processing the admission to the Federation.

Players not affiliated to a club must present the form to the Golf Federation of the autonomous community to which they belong. The document can be downloaded from the web page of the federation, and in this case is presented personally or by mail, attaching a copy of the ID card and the bank account number where the annual fee will be charged.

Within ten working days of receiving the application, the Royal Spanish Golf Federation sends by post the federation card that accredits the player and indicates the license number and the club or territory to which he is affiliated.

The federation process is open all year round.

How much does it cost to federate in golf?

The annual fee depends on the category of the player and the autonomous community to which he belongs. As an example, these are the fees of the Madrid Golf Federation:





Mayor con hándicap

> 21 años

78,10 €

Mayor sin hándicap

> 21 años

66,90 €


17-21 años

33,30 €


15-16 años

24,40 €


13-14 años

16,60 €


11-12 años

16,60 €


< 10 años

16,60 €


78,00 €

Players from communities such as Catalonia, Valencia, the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands and Castilla La Mancha must pay an extra fee to their regional federations. This extra fee ranges from about 10 ? to junior and 18 ? in the adult categories.

The RFEG licence entitles the player to use the courses in Spain as well as in any foreign nation that requires a federation permit. The license is valid for the calendar year, counted from January to December, and is automatically renewed at the beginning of the year if no cancellation is requested.

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