How to manage a golf course

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The management and control of a golf course is much more complicated than it may seem.

Unlike other sports, golf requires specialized facilities whose maintenance costs are high. Moreover, it is practiced at a professional level, which can lead to greater risks and difficulties in management.

Learning to manage a golf course

The management of a golf course is part of the instruction that the instructors of this discipline receive, as part of their qualification by the Royal Spanish Golf Federation.

Although in the first level only the operational assistance in the facilities is trained; already from the title of Sports Technician in Golf and Pitch & Putt the teacher is prepared to coordinate all the activities in the sports facility.

Finally, as part of obtaining the third level or High Performance Technician, the person is trained to manage the entire sports area of a golf facility and, in addition to what is necessary to run schools and clubs.

The management of a golf course in the 21st century

Although the processes involved in managing a golf course can be carried out by hand as in the past, today all clubs have already automated their management systems. This not only improves the manager’s control over the course, but also provides numerous advantages to the players.

As new technologies have become available, the management processes of a golf course have been improved and automated. This has also extended to the use of the Internet over local networks for administration, since in this way both customers and managers can access the management system from anywhere, any device and at any time.

Golfmanager: the ideal system to manage a golf course

Since its appearance in 2018, GolfManager has been gaining in users thanks to its functionalities for the management of golf courses.

Currently, it is used by many golf courses (private, public and mixed) to manage all its aspects through a single platform. Thanks to this, not only are management costs reduced, but also income is maximized.

This 100% cloud-based management system using Software as Service technology allows the management of the golf course from any device, place and time. Through it, a myriad of tasks can be managed with speed and efficiency: POS, CRM, tee sheets, dynamic pricing, member lists, academy management, store data, stocks, warehouses, performance management, marketing details and much more. It also allows direct debit management, has an online booking engine and allows to manage tournament registrations and activities through the Internet.

GolfManager can be integrated with any platform and has 24/7 support.

If your intention is to manage a golf course at a professional level as your customers deserve, do not hesitate to request a free 30-day trial to learn more about its advantages.

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