Service Level Agreement (SLA)

1 Introduction

This service level agreement is linked to the service contract on which it depends. This document identifies the expected level of services as defined in the contract and it is subject to review, and renewal as stated in the contract. This SLA shall remain in force for as long as the service contract is in force.

1.1 Objective

This service-level agreement (SLA) defines the level of service expected by customers from GolfManager, laying out the metrics by which that service is measured, and the remedies or penalties, if any, should the agreed-on service levels not be achieved.

1.2 Conventions, Acronyms, and Abbreviations

Contract:  Mutual agreement signed between parties where Service definition, price, duration and any other details are described.
SLA: Service Level Agreement associated with the contract, this document.
IT Operations Department: Unit within GolfManager responsible for internal IT Operations.
Applications: Golfmanager Application holding tenants’ data and exposing data management functionalities.
API: Application protocol Interface.
IT Infraestructure: Server-side infrastructure deployed, maintained and monitored by GolfManager to provide the Services.
Maintenance Window: Period when the service will be halted for maintenance purposes. Unless otherwise indicated, maintenance windows are scheduled from 0:00:00 UTC to 00:01:00 (UTC for Europe Servers, UTC +8:00 for Asia Servers, and UTC -6:00 for America Servers).
Planned Interruptions: Sometimes, to provide you with an optimal experience, we need to carry out maintenance work, exceeding maintenance windows,. If planned outages are necessary, we will give you 48 hours’ notice. Over the course of a quarter, planned outages will not exceed 8 hours.

1.3 Purpose

The purpose of this SLA is to specify the requirements of the SaaS service as defined herein with regards to:

  • Service Agreement Definition and Target.
  • Service Compromise and Credits.
  • Service Support.

2 Service Agreement

Golfmanager offers an uptime commitment for subscriptions to our paid tier plans. If we do not meet our availability commitment and your workspace is affected, you may request a service credit on your account for future use.

2.1 Metric Definition

Metric Code Description
Availability M1 Availability is the percentage of total possible minutes Golfmanager services, application and API has been available during a calendar quarter.

(total minutes in a quarter – outage time) / total minutes in a quarter

Outage Time is the total number of minutes Golfmanager was unavailable during a calendar quarter. We calculate service outages using server monitoring software to measure server-side error rate, ping test results, web server tests, TCP port tests and website tests.

Service outages do not include the following cases:

  • Slowness or other performance problems of isolated functions (when expanding links, searching, uploading files, workflows, etc.).
  • Issues related to external or third party applications.
  • Any product or feature called a pilot, alpha, beta or similar.
  • External network or equipment issues beyond our reasonable control, such as failed routing tables between your internet service provider and our server. Including AWS service outages.
  • Planned maintenance outages.

2.2 Service Compromise and Service Credits

In Golfmanager we are committed to maintaining at least 99.5% Availability of our services, application and API.

If we fail to meet our availability guarantee, you can request a credit on each affected account equal to 3 times the value you paid for the workspace during the time Golfmanager has been down (we call these service credits).

To request service credits, you must send an email to with the Golfmanager workspace URL (example:

Claims may only be made on a calendar quarter basis and must be submitted within 15 calendar days of the end of the relevant quarter, except where a subscription ends on a date other than the last day of a calendar quarter, in which case any claim relating to that subscription must be submitted within 15 calendar days of the end date of the subscription.

All claims will be checked against our system records. If a conflict arises with any period of unavailability that you have claimed, we will provide you with a record of availability during the applicable period. We will provide you with such records only in response to claims you make in good faith.

Service Credits:

  • These are not refunds.
  • They are not redeemable for a cash amount.
  • They are limited to a maximum of 30 days of paid service.
  • They require that outstanding invoices have been paid.
  • They expire at the end of your customer contract.
  • Service credits are solely and exclusively a method of compensation for any breach by us of our obligations under this SLA.

3 Service Support

Customers with valid contracts shall get direct support from GolfManager according to the following conditions.

3.1 Service Levels

This table defines the incident classification and target response time.

Severity Description First Resp. Resolution
Outage SaaS service down. Complete outage of the servers and all its functionalities affecting all users. 15 minutes 1 hour
Critical Any error reported by customer where the majority of the users for a particular part of the software are affected, the error has high visibility, there is no workaround, and it affects customer’s ability to perform its business. 120 minutes 24 Hours
High Any error reported by customer where the majority of the users for a particular part of the software are affected, the error has high visibility, a workaround is available; however, performance may be degraded, or functions limited and it is affecting revenue. 4 business hours 2 Business Days
Medium Any error reported by customer where the majority of the users for a particular part of the software are affected, the error has high visibility, a workaround is available; however, performance may be degraded or functions limited and it is NOT affecting revenue. 1 business day 5 Business Days
Information Any error reported by customer where a single user is severely affected or completely inoperable or a small percentage of users are moderately affected or partially inoperable and the error has limited business impact. 2 business day 10 Business Days


Golfmanager also follows another best practice, which is maintaining a status page that shows the current availability of SaaS-hosted products, as well as recent issues and resolution reports.

3.2 Support Channels

Service support is to be provided via the following communication channels:

  • Intercom Direct Support: 09:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M, Monday to Friday.
  • Email support through the following support accounts:

4 General Conditions

4.1 Responsibilities

Service Provider responsibilities:
Should provide all necessary information and assistance related to service performance that allows them to meet the performance standards as outlined in this document.
Shall inform regarding changing business requirements that may necessitate a review, modification, or amendment of the SLA.
Will act as primary support provider of the services herein identified except when third-party vendors are employed who shall assume appropriate service support responsibilities accordingly.
Will inform regarding scheduled and unscheduled service outages due to maintenance, troubleshooting, disruptions or as otherwise necessary.

Client responsibilities
Will inform of any incidence affecting the correct system performance as perceived from their endpoint providing all available information.
Will make a reasonable usage of the service considering always within the limits established in the contract.

4.2 Communications

Any issues that arise under this SLA will be communicated to the following email account:

4.3 Updates

As our business evolves, we may change this service level agreement. Changes to the SLA will be communicated to interested parties at least 30 days before they take effect.