Why Switch to Online Tee Sheet and Tee Time Booking Software?

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It is simple mathematics: if you do not have an online tee time booking software, you will miss 100% of potential online bookings. Nowadays any successful business needs to have a strong online presence, so giving your customers the chance to book online is a very, very good idea.

Of course, your new online tee sheet must provide data capture, be easy to use, and ensure an effective customer communication. Only with those capabilities, you may expect an increase in booking, a better customer service, and fewer no-shows.

What should you expect from an online tee sheet?

It must provide an effective customer communication, from marketing to the simple sharing of information. Using an online tee sheet, you may be able to SMS/text messages to golfers promoting deals, advertise open tee times, inform them about cancellations or postponements, and many more.

Another use of the online tee sheet is to store and access customer data to identify regular players, start a loyalty program, or tailor course offerings and promos,

Finally, yet importantly, an online tee sheet will reduce confusion, inconsistencies, and inefficiencies for customers and staff. That translates into a higher standard of service, quicker and easier bookings, and flexibility to adjust tee time intervals and different play types for the staff.

More reasons to go online

The online interaction with your golf course decides whether customers purchase your products or services. With a tee-time reservation system, you will improve the client experience which must translate in:

More bookings: it is easier to make reservations online than do the same over the phone: customers just have to open the calendar, pick a date and complete the booking in a couple of minutes. Moreover, golfers can do that anytime, anywhere.

Online tee sheet software can help you create flexible, dynamic pricing strategies, changing the price of rounds on demand to maximize the value of every round.

Improved customer service: with an online booking engine your staff will not be chained to the phone or have a bad time managing schedules. Therefore, they can focus on giving a better, more personalized attention to clients.

Fewer no-shows: online booking helps you to reduce the no-show tee times since the system provides alerts to the customers to confirm their attendance. You can also set a reminder text a day or two in advance. The online booking system also allows for communicating cancellations, delays, or rescheduling needs in advance to the staff. Then, they can act accordingly, in order to maximize the golf course occupation.

Ready to make the switch?

As you can see now, the benefits of moving toward an online tee sheet and tee time booking software are many. Having those services available online helps you not only to increase sales but also to streamline services and have better customer relationships.

They are many options to choose from, so it is important to choose the one that best suits your course. Without a doubt, this investment will save you time and money in the near future and will put your business in a better position to grow.

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