What value does Golfmanager bring to golf clubs? (and to the industry)

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If you are still wondering what value a software like Golfmanager can bring to the golf industry, and especially to golf clubs, I recommend you continue reading.

  • Online reservations without commissions

The arrival of Golfmanager and its policy of eliminating online commissions on every reservation on your website has forced that “old” rate to gradually disappear from golf course websites. Without a doubt, this 0-commission policy favors the digitalization of golf courses, making more reservations go through the web, improving the experience and customer loyalty. Whether you decide to migrate from software to Golfmanager, or if you stay with your current software, the fact that you can already have reservations without commissions is something new to you thanks to the entry of Golfmanager into the Spanish and Portuguese industry.

The online contact is only for the club

Until now, little importance was given to “who kept” the customer’s data when booking online. This data is becoming more and more important and it is now when the club asks itself where are these emails from those who book online to send them an email promoting my club? At Golfmanager they believe that the player’s information should be exclusive to the club where they are booking, and not to an online agency that is going to send them offers for courses around them. If Golfmanager wants to contribute something to the industry, it is to make the clubs understand the importance of the data and its current treatment, and it is achieving it little by little.

  • Your own payment gateway

Why do most golf courses not charge 100% of the green fee up front? Because they can’t or the fees are too expensive. In Golfmanager you can bet that each club will work directly with their bank to ensure the lowest possible commissions and easily manage the “no shows”.

  • 100% in the cloud

Golfmanager is the first and only 100% cloud-based golf software. Others will say they are too, but another of Golfmanager’s contributions is to educate industry managers on this subject. A program that is in the cloud allows you to take your tablet from home, enter the url of your software, username and password, and be able to perform 100% of the tasks from your tablet: make a reservation, register a partner, pass the fees, create a golf lesson, etc. All this without remote connections, without the need to download programs, etc. You only need your preferred browser (Safari, Chrome, etc.). As far as I know, Golfmanager is the only software in Spain and Portugal that has achieved this.

  • Open APIs

The new Spanish startup wants to bring modern policies to our industry, in this case we will talk about the APIs. If this term is unknown to you, it will no longer be so. An API connection is the communication of a third party software with your management software. Having the APIs open and free of charge means that the golf club has the power to choose which other software it wants to integrate with to help manage its club, without depending on what its software says. The club may want to connect to a new online agency, a new reporting system, or a modern golf tournament system… with the free and open API policy the power is now in the hands of the manager. Golfmanager supports and fights with all those technology companies that understand that ALL programs should be integrated so that the manager has free choice. Little by little the market will support this type of technology.

  • Modern design and speed

Without a doubt the technology employed by Golfmanager is pioneering in many ways. Apart from the fact that an easy and attractive design makes the training of the staff to be done in just a few hours, the speed of work is x10 superior. Simply try to make an online reservation on a course that uses Golfmanager and compare it with other software. You will see the difference.

All in one software

Increasingly, managers value being able to operate all their activities on the same software. This is where one of the strengths of Golfmanager lies, from where you can manage your reservations, membership fees, store/stocks, academy, tournaments, restaurant, mass emailing, staff sign-ups on the same platform. Not only is it faster to operate, but it is also good for reporting, cross-member information, unified software support and a long list of advantages.

  • MultiSport

Golfmanager is not just software for booking green fees. In the Spanish startup it is known that many facilities need to book more activities besides golf: racket, rooms, restaurant tables, driving range, tournaments, and everything your club is interested in being able to manage in a digitalized agenda. Back to the previous point, operating all your reservations and different activities in the same platform can save you a lot of time, reports, etc.

  • A unique online booking platform for visitors, partners, agencies, hotels, etc.

Golfmanager has brought a new air into online booking, looking for a single platform for all your clients to book online with their own conditions. Do you think it is possible for your agencies, hotels, tour operators, partners, subscribers, correspondents, direct clients, your president, employees… to book on your website with the price and limitations that correspond to them? Yes, it is possible. Imagine the time you can save if you don’t have to attend to all those emails asking for availability and prices. This platform is undoubtedly one of the keys to the digitalization of our sector.

  • Connection with all the important OTAs in Europe and any other software

With the advent of technology, more and more agencies are choosing to manage their bookings through automated online channels. These are the so-called OTAs (Online Travel Agencies). And since modern companies understand each other, Golfmanager understands all of them and connecting any of these with your tee sheet is a matter of only 60 seconds. Compare this connection time to an older technology program. Another point that favors the digitalization of a sector.

  • Issuing invoices to agencies with their details in seconds

Not only the sales and marketing department can feel the added value of Golfmanager, the industry will also see the financial department save hours and hours in issuing invoices. In just one click the administrator will be able to generate invoices for all the agencies of the month with their summary and detail of each reservation for easy scoring by the one who receives the invoice.

  • Auto checkin

In many sectors are being implemented self-checking systems (flights, hotels …) less in golf … until the arrival of Golfmanager. We finally have a system to save unnecessary queues for our visitors and partners.

  • Elimination of paper

Golfmanager also wants to attract the industry to the elimination of paper: digital tickets, PDF invoices, etc. But a special mention requires the digitalization, with digital signature included, of the contracts with Tour Operators or partners. Forget those folders that take up the whole office, and digitize your contracts. In Golfmanager they know that the future is not paper.

  • Support 24/7

And last but not least, support any day, any time. At Golfmanager they know that a cub cannot be left unattended on a weekend or holiday. That’s why the guards on these dates are of great pleasure to their customers. One more policy that the Spanish startup brings to our industry for the benefit of all.

So these are some of the contributions of the new Spanish software in the golf industry. And now, do you still doubt what Golfmanager brings to your golf club?

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