Golf Club Efficiency Hacks: 6 Hardware Devices to Consider

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Implementing digitalization correctly can lead to operational efficiency in a golf club, and integrating hardware devices with your management software can help convert that efficiency into income.

Comprehensive management can benefit from technology in many ways. Automating processes, reducing cost and time, or providing players with a personalized experience are some of the main advantages.

The use of hardware devices in this context can streamline routine tasks for club staff. However, they must be connected to your management system 100% of the time.

Make your club management easier with hardware devices

To improve connected management and offer the best customer service, we let you know what hardware devices you could start using in your club.

Digital Kiosk: autonomy for players at the reception

The Digital Kiosk is an innovative solution designed to reduce long queues at reception during peak times. With the help of this technology, players will be able to conduct all their transactions directly without assistance. It will enable you as a manager to close the reception during off-peak hours and still provide an efficient service to your players

Kitchen screen: agility at your restaurant’s service

By digitalizing all orders, eliminating paper, and knowing the status of each dish at the time, digital screens can transform the dynamics and communication between the dining room and kitchen of your restaurant.

PDA L2S: operational versatility for your Pro-Shop

The PDA L2S is an essential device to improve the workflow of your Pro-Shop or restaurant. With its built-in barcode and QR code scanner, you can take your inventory in a matter of seconds or place an order for the kitchen with a few clicks. Moreover, your team’s communication will be enhanced thanks to its walkie-talkie feature.

P2Pro PDA: high-tech hardware for mobility and efficiency

PDA P2Pro features a built-in receipt printer and dataphone, which is very useful for waiters, receptionists, or marshals. With this device, you will be able to give a complete service to the players.

M2 Max tablet: durability and connectivity

Thanks to its durability and resistance, the M2 Max Tablet is ideal for use in your restaurant kitchen, as it can withstand drops and splashes. Additionally, it can be used in managing your Pro-Shop if it is fully connected with Golfmanager.

Cloud printer: modernise your ticket printing.

This Cloud Printer provides a flexible and mobile printing solution, integrating seamlessly with Golfmanager to streamline daily operations by eliminating network cables. You can now print from any device easily.

Additionally, the printer emits both sounds and lights with each new order sent to the kitchen, making it easy to keep track of orders. It can also be used in your Pro-Shop to print barcodes.

With Golfmanager, any hardware device can be integrated with the software

Golfmanager software is designed to support connectivity with all devices. Our flexible cloud-based system enables complete club management with agility.

Learn more about how Golfmanager can enhance your day-to-day operations by scheduling a free demo with one of our experts. The golf industry has entered into a new digital era, and clubs that don’t adopt technology will lag behind.

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