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In a short time, Golfmanager has become the golf industry’s fastest-growing all-in-one, cloud-based and multi-device golf simulator software.

As a result of its rapid rise, Forbes Spain highlighted the company as one of the outstanding ‘Sportech startups’ of 2022.

A worldwide presence supports the trajectory of a tool that is completely adapted to any type of golf facility, including golf simulators.

An emerging niche market: golf simulators

Over the past few years, this sector has grown rapidly. The National Golf Foundation of the United States (NGF) estimates that approximately four million players use this type of indoor facility. Nearly half of them have never played golf on a golf course.

Thanks to the technology that allows instant feedback on the player’s movements, this alternative is becoming increasingly popular.

With the latest advancements, players can even practice their shots on iconic courses like Pebble Beach Golf Links.

Managing a golf simulator correctly is key to success

A golf simulator, like a golf club, requires a powerful golf simulator software to oversee all activities within the facility. To organize everything in one software, it is essential to have a tool that is adapted to the needs and has extensive experience in the industry.

Due to its flexibility, Golfmanager is the ideal program for managing a golf simulator. They already have prominent names in Spain, such as H0 Golfhouse, Eagle Club, and Z1 Golf Academy, among others.

With Golfmanager software, these facilities allow all their players to book and pay online easily, and their managers can view everything happening in their businesses at a glance and in real-time, obtaining accurate reports to help them make the right decisions. In this way, their businesses grow and become successful.

Furthermore, they can create, offer and manage packages of hours and dynamic rates based on occupancy, offering exclusive advantages to their players. Managers of this new niche in golf have endless options at their fingertips.

Golfmanager’s success story at Eagle Club

Eagle Club is Barcelona’s first urban golf simulator. With Golfmanager software, this Barcelona-based enterprise brings the sport closer to its fans and is 100% successful in managing it.

With our golf simulator software, you can easily manage cash movements across multiple areas of your business. As new products and services have been introduced, it has become an indispensable asset for those of us who manage a club in the golf industry”, explains Juan Bascones, Manager of Eagle Club Barcelona.

In addition, the leader appreciates Golfmanager’s ability to continually innovate, as well as the personalized attention of the support team, along with its ability to personalize the management experience toward a golf simulator with new innovations designed to optimize operations.

“Through the continuous advancements, online help systems, and the accessibility of its professionals, we always feel confident that we are well covered before any doubts arise in its operation.

Golf simulators will play a more prominent role in the future of golf, and Golfmanager offers the best technological partner for boosting business revenue through optimal management.


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