Golfmanager completes integration with Zest.Golf to unlock even more inventory in the main tourism markets.

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The integration with Golfmanager allows Zest customers to find and book more tee times across some of the world’s best golf clubs.

Golfmanager has in a very short period of time established itself as a valid alternative to other software providers and has convinced many of the world’s biggest golf courses to use the 100% cloud based software.

Oliver Dury, CEO Zest.Golf: “Zest is quickly digitalising an existing market place where currently the tour operators increasingly adopt Zest to have online tee time availability at their fingertips. As an open platform, we already work with over 15 tee sheet operators and having Golfmanager and their 200+ courses worldwide as part of that eco system further enhances our presence in the main tourism markets, Spain,Portugal, Italy and Greece and unlocks inventory at many of the top golf resorts and destination properties that are critical to our Channel Partners.”

The benefits of having a B2B channel manager for tee times is obvious for both the golf courses and tour operators and other sales channels but is also becoming increasingly more important for cloud-based tee sheet providers. As their whole operation works via browser connectivity, having hundreds of individual API connections looking at availability would slow down the service. A B2B channel manager can filter requests, show tee times in a controlled way and only connects in real-time when needed. It also allows tee sheet software providers to do what they do best and develop solutions for their golf clubs rather than managing API hundreds of API connections.

The same can be said for sales channels, many of whom are not in a position to manage multiple API feeds to find tee times across the whole list of destinations they service. This is where the Zest solutions proves its real worth.

Rafael Vera, CEO Golfmanager adds: “In Golfmanager, our golf clubs are our top priority, and providing them with a great deal of visibility into their inventories through ZEST is a great benefit for them. Aside from being more visible on the Internet, Zest will allow courses to automate the reservations of tour operators without the need for technological integration with us directly, generating a substantial amount of time savings that we are always seeking.”

Zest also recently completed their golf pass development with Visit Cascais where 7 courses in the area, many serviced by Golfmanager, are now united on the Zest platform and offer a 3,4 and 5 round pass providing value to the golfer while at the same time increasing customer spend in the area. There are already a number of destinations interested in using the golf pass application for their courses.

Zest.Golf is the world’s only dedicated B2B tee time channel manager that sits as the neutral party between the golf course and the sales channel. Courses are in control of their rates, conditions, payment and which channels they work with, all managed via the Zest platform. The business relationship is always between course and channel.

Zest.Golf is a Business Partner of IAGTO who believe a frictionless tee time booking method for their members, both on the course and the channel side, will become invaluable for the golf travel industry to streamline operations and create efficiency.


Golfmanager is designed to fully digitize golf clubs’ daily operations thanks to its management software. It is a brand with its own identity designed to inspire change in management and address all managers who are committed to a lifestyle marked by rebellion, innovation, sophistication, and a passion for golf, and aspire to transform their organizations profoundly. It is currently present at more than 200 golf courses around the world, including Marco Simone Golf and Finca Cortesín 2023 Official Ryder Cup and Solheim Cup Venues, respectively.

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