Golfmanager’s Customer Service and Support are highly regarded by 96% of clubs

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  • During 2023, Golfmanager’s support team answered more than 5,000 questions, with an average first response time of 5 minutes.
  • Golfmanager’s performance in this area, as well as its unique functionality and ability to innovate, are among the reasons why over 85% of the courses in their Community recommend it.
  • Among the characteristics most valued by more than 250 golf courses already using the management program are ease of use, online booking, customer service, and the projection of future improvements.


In 2023, 96% of golf courses that used Golfmanager, the software created to digitize their daily operations, rated the company’s support and customer service highly.

According to data from Intercom Golfmanager responded to more than 5,000 conversations to resolve doubts in an average first-time response of five minutes.

Compared to other traditional management software, Golfmanager has gained a reputation for providing personalized and instant support, where incident ticket systems do not receive a response in days or even weeks, leading to widespread dissatisfaction among users.

Unlike them, Golfmanager has multi-language and multi-device support 100% integrated into its management software, which allows any member of the golf club staff to ask any question, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and get a response almost immediately.

More than 10 professionals located in Europe, Latin America, and Asia are specialized in its technology and golf course management, and they can provide rapid responses in eight languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Dutch, and Thai.

Golfmanager is recommended by more than 85% of clubs

As part of its commitment to continuous improvement, Golfmanager launched a survey throughout 2023 to measure the satisfaction level of all its clients with its software.

On an NPS scale (which assesses the loyalty of a company’s customers based on recommendations), more than 85% of Golfmanager clubs would recommend the software to another club with a recommendation grade between 8 and 10, the highest.

In addition, Golfmanager receives a rating of 9.02 on average from its clients, where the ease of use of the tool, the ability to handle online reservations, customer service, and future improvements are the features that are most valued by the more than 250 golf courses around the world already using their management program.

“We are very happy with the results and scores obtained,” says Carlos Foulquié, Head of Customer Success at Golfmanager. “Through a team of experts who accompany our clients in their daily lives, we ensure that we are always at their side to resolve any issues or questions they may have.

According to Daniel Sillari, co-founder and CEO of Golfmanager, “the company’s support is part of its DNA and is a differential value beyond other software. As a result of the surveys, we see that this aspect is something that our clients also highly value”.

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