The Golfmanager Team gather for an internal event to start an exciting new stage

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  • In Madrid last Friday, the team enjoyed a day of activities focused on training its workers and promoting the brand’s shared values
  • With its management software, already present in more than a dozen countries worldwide and heavily consolidated in Spain and Portugal, the company begins a new stage of growth.
  • a Few days ago, the company introduced its new brand positioning ‘Be Digital. Drive Freedom’, which empowers golf club managers to promote digitalization in their facilities.


Golfmanager, a software born to attract golf club managers and enthusiasts who are passionate about technology, held an internal event in Madrid last Friday where it brought together all its employees to start a new era.

Over 20 employees from different countries were part of the team that enjoyed a unique day of training and leisure activities to promote the values that bind them together as a team.

Currently, the company is launching a new phase focusing on the exponential growth of its golf course management software, which is already available in more than a dozen countries around the world and widely consolidated in Spain and Portugal, where it is the preferred alternative to traditional ones.

Recently, the company launched its new brand positioning. As a leader in driving a new digital era in the golf industry, ‘Be Digital. Drive Freedom’ empowers golf club managers by increasing their freedom and enhancing their results. The company already has a reputation as an industry innovator of digitalization that manages the best courses in the world using its software, which includes Marco Simone Golf & Country Club and Finca Cortesín, Official Ryder Cup 2023 Venue and Official Solheim Cup 2023 Venue, respectively.

Golfmanager, the proven success of a 100% remote-managed company

As a company, Golfmanager exemplifies innovation both within the golf industry and internally. It is a 100% remotely managed company in which all its employees are digital nomads, working from wherever they wish and perfectly balancing their personal life with their professional life without compromising their productivity.

It is possible due to the fact that the entire team uses, on a daily basis, the best tools in each of the internal processes to guarantee an orderly and interconnected workflow in order to offer the highest level of service and support to all clubs within its community.

This is something they have been doing for over four years, becoming an example of proven success in this new work model that after the Covid-19 pandemic gained relevance and has become the most sought-after option for workers and for new generations. Consequently, it is an avant-garde and modern company perfectly suited to the new era.

According to David Sánchez, Golfmanager’s director of marketing and communication, the company is dedicated not only to its employees, but also to its customers. It is important that our entire team feels comfortable, happy, and proud of themselves as part of a company that is revolutionizing the sector and bringing about an exciting new digital era. To achieve the ambitious goals that we have set for the new year, aligning our workers by allowing them to feel part of the process is essential.

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