3 simple actions to boost your team’s productivity

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What do we mean by productivity? It is the value of production among the value of the factors used.

That is, the value of what a team produces divided by the time they spend on it.

Objective: more value in less time.


Here are 3 simple actions you can apply in your club to improve significantly the productivity of your team.

I recommend you the same. It is already possible for your agencies and players to download the invoice after the online booking process, thus saving a lot of administrative work. That time can be spent on other tasks you need!

Online access to tour operators

Even in these times we see how receptionists spend an important part of their day checking their inbox and answering emails from Tour Operators.

Wouldn’t it be better if that process were automated and if receptionists could focus on other tasks?

Use the technology to have that whole process automatically redirected to the club’s reservation website.

You can set it up in 2 simple steps that will take you very little time and will save you infinity:

Configure the criteria of advance booking, available hours, prices, credits/prepayments, billing etc. for OTAs and agencies.
Give agencies and Tour Operators their own username and password to enter your booking portal and book with the criteria you have set.

And that’s it! Agencies will be able to book directly in your portal without interacting with the reception. And your reception will save a lot of valuable time.

I assure you that both parties will thank you for this automation and will be delighted with your club.

Digitize the marshall

Some Marshalls arrive at the reception desk to ask about the latest developments in the schedule. They start writing on their notes or directly ask for a new list to be printed.

How much time does the Marshall waste in that process?

Now the technology can not only allow them to check out in real time in the cloud on a tablet, but it also allows them to create new reservations, modify, cancel and control the check-in from wherever they are.

Imagine the typical group of 4 players that meets the Marshall on the 16th hole “can you book this same group for tomorrow? bam! you just save a few precious minutes at the reception and elevate the player’s experience.

Automatic billing

The more the client can self-manage and access their information, the better for everyone as all parties will save a lot of time.

It allows the customer to manage all their information, data and invoices autonomously in their customer profile.

Have you noticed how some websites allow you to request an invoice when making a purchase? I recommend the same. It is already possible for your agencies and players to ask for the invoice after the online booking process, saving a lot of administrative work. You can spend that time on other tasks you need!

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