How to manage a golf course

The management and control of a golf course is much more complicated than it may seem. Unlike other sports, golf requires specialized facilities whose maintenance costs are high. Moreover, it is practiced at a professional level, which can lead to greater risks and difficulties in management. Learning to manage a golf course The management of […]

How to improve as a golf instructor

After studying at the Royal Spanish Golf Federation as a technical instructor for beginners, a federated player already receives his diploma that accredits him as an instructor for newer players. The same happens working with children as with adult beginners in the sport, this golf instructor can work the same in an autonomous regime or […]

How to federate in the world of golf?

To play in any golf course in Spain, it is necessary to be federated in the Real Federación Española de Golf. Obtaining this license is a mandatory requirement, both to enjoy the game and to compete at a professional level. Most schools, academies and even junior golf camps require the presentation of a certificate of […]