An example of complete digitization at Real Club Sevilla Golf with Golfmanager

Renowned for its superb golf, Real Club Sevilla Golf is recognised as one of Europe’s greatest golf courses. Major worldwide events support its prestige, consolidating it as one of the best international golf courses.

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Andalucia, España

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February 2021
A team of golfers
Taking the first steps towards full digitization

We were using a customized management program at Real Club Sevilla Golf. There were several problems, one of which was the cost and labor involved in improving it. Also, the management company was not specialized in golf, so we couldn’t communicate because we didn’t speak the same language.

In a club with staff who had been using the same type of software for their entire lives, we decided not to move too quickly, so we decided to use Golfmanager only for the sports booking part (we don’t only offer golf) and keep our custom CRM with the idea of switching everything to Golfmanager if it worked out.).

We had a great conversation with Golfmanager’s team. They offered us a lot of flexibility, the ability to connect our programs (a key requirement), and very intuitive software. As most of their team members are golfers themselves, they speak our ‘language’, so we agreed to work with them.

As of today, we are still working on the online bookings module, the app was introduced, and we are in the process of finalizing the CRM and membership fees modules, thus finishing the process we began in February 2021.

Gonzalo Goy
Operations Manager
Real Club Sevilla Golf
Using Golfmanager since February 2021

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Improving customer experience

Golfmanager has primarily improved the customer experience (both members and non-members), as well as the experience of all club staff (sales department, reservations, administration, and management).

“As a result of our discussions with the Golfmanager team, we were able to get a lot of flexibility, connect our third-party platforms, and use very intuitive software”
Gonzalo Goy
Operations Manager
Real Club Sevilla Golf
Using Golfmanager since February 2021
Continuous support
Another major success was the transition to Golfmanager

Golfmanager has helped us substantially improve our members’ booking process for sports activities and registration for tournaments and events thanks to its user-friendly interface.

Changing from our bespoke management program to Golfmanager was another big success. I had some doubts on a personal level since the club’s staff had been working on the same program practically all their lives, but it did not prove problematic, mainly because of Golfmanager’s level of support during our first months.

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More and better decision-making
The future of digitization is now

We cannot speak of digitalization as the future, as it is the present. It is true, however, that each club is different, and we cannot generalize. We each have to adapt gradually, at our own pace.

In my opinion, one of the greatest strengths of digitization is its ease of gathering valuable information that helps us more efficiently run our clubs on a daily basis by making better decisions, which is what we strive to do.

Additionally, digitalization enhances the customer’s enjoyment of their club significantly.

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