Golfmanager and Golfscape reach a strategic agreement for the benefit of golf courses

Golfscape will include in its platform every golf course that uses Golfmanager as management software to increase their notoriety and income thanks to the more than 500,000 users of the tour operator On August 1st, Golfscape will also reduce its reservation fees as a tour operator by 50% for Golfmanager’s clientes on all green fees […]

Golfmanager and Visual Golf merge to create Golfmanager APP

golfmanager app

Golfmanager and Visual Golf have decided to join paths with the aim of consolidating their position as technological leaders in the world of golf and offer the most complete and advanced platform in the industry to its customers: Golfmanager App. From now on, Golfmanager will offer a personalized mobile application, called Golfmanager App, to each […]