5 Key Golfmanager Integrations to Enhance Your Golf Club

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At Golfmanager, we understand that efficiency and optimization of daily operations are key to the success of any golf club.

Our software offers open APIs and integrates with top software, enhancing golf course management.

Golfmanager provides everything you need as a golf club manager in a single tool.

Below, we introduce five key integrations that will transform your daily operations.

Oracle Hospitality: Hotel and Golf Course Synchronized

Thanks to our integration with Oracle Hospitality, you can directly link all expenses made by customers at your club (golf, activities, sports, etc.) to their hotel room account.

This simplifies the billing process and enhances the customer experience by centralizing all their expenses in one place. Clubs like the American Plantation Resort on Crystal River are already using it.

Golfmanager is an official partner of Oracle Hospitality and is one of the few recommended software systems for golf courses on the market.

Priswing: Offer Dynamic Pricing and Increase Your Sales

Our integration with Priswing allows you to implement a dynamic pricing strategy, automatically adjusting rates based on demand and supply.

This tool is essential for maximizing revenue and ensuring your prices are always competitive and attractive. Priswing allows you to adjust your course prices in order to boost occupancy and sales.

Golf Genius: Your Golf Tournaments Under Control

Golf Genius makes organizing and managing tournaments easy. It allows you to coordinate all the details so that the event runs smoothly.

Thanks to our integration with Golf Genius, you can manage your tournaments seamlessly within the Golfmanager software.

This will improve the experience for both organizers and players, ensuring a successful and well-managed tournament.

Sage: Financial Management in One Tool

Our integration with Sage allows you to enhance the financial and operational management of your course. Sage is one of the best accounting software and is fully integrated with Golfmanager.

The integration with Sage enables more efficient financial management, integrating all your accounting operations into a single platform.

Thanks to this solution, you can simplify the management of your finances, enabling more precise and detailed control of your golf club’s income and expenses.

Google Analytics: Analyze Your Website Performance

With Google Analytics, you can analyze and enhance website traffic and user engagement through comprehensive data analysis.

You will gain deep insights into your customers’ behavior and can use that data to enhance their experience.

Thanks to this integration, you can make informed adjustments to your marketing strategies by monitoring any changes in real-time.

Centralize Your Management in Golfmanager and Gain Agility

Golfmanager is an all-in-one management software, 100% cloud-based and multi-device. A tool that will allow you to streamline and optimize your daily operations.

You will have all the necessary integrations in one place, providing you with multiple options.

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