Golfmanager continues to lead the commitment to sustainability in golf clubs

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Golfmanager continues to lead the commitment to sustainability in golf clubs: less paper consumption with the new functionality of sending sales tickets by email.

Golfmanager is clearly betting on the digitization of golf clubs and the promotion of sustainable practices in them. One thing goes hand in hand with the other, and indeed Golfmanager’s technology is key for clubs to gradually eliminate paper and plastic from their daily work.

Among the many developments in the last month, Golfmanager has introduced a new functionality 100% aimed at eliminating paper at the reception desk. From now on, clubs will be able to send the sales receipt by email, without the need to print it and give it to the customer. A practice already widespread in other industries such as retail (Uniqlo is one of the big clothing brands that no longer print the ticket) but which is not available in any of the golf club management software in Spain and Portugal.

Rafael Vera, CEO of Golfmanager, tells us that “little by little the mentality of consumers is changing, and they are increasingly demanding sustainable practices and even choose where to buy based on their sustainability policies. With Golfmanager, the club has a series of functionalities that will allow it to eliminate paper and plastic from its receptions: digital signature, sending tickets by email, QR codes, digital ID cards, etc. Our philosophy is to bring digital transformation to clubs to make them more productive, efficient, but also much more sustainable.”



In addition to the digital ticket, Golfmanager has launched several new developments this March, of which we highlight in this article:

1. Gift ticket so that the lucky receiver of a gift can return or exchange it, if they want, with the gift ticket (which obviously can also be sent by email).

2. Reason for cancellation of a sale or application of a discount: from now on when you want to cancel a sale or make a discount the program will ask for the reason. In this way, managers will be able to better control everything that happens with any sale.

3. Friend’s list: players will now be able to easily choose their friends when making a reservation. This list is saved directly in the Golfmanager software, so the player will always have it available, both in the App and on the Web.

4. New integration with Contawin: the integration with Contawin accounting software is now available for all those clubs that use this program.

5. Automatic opening of the tennis court: the automatic opening of the tennis courts of the golf course is now available.

Golfmanager continues to evolve and improve its software day by day to adapt to the needs of golf clubs. Golfmanager has proven to be a flexible software that continuously makes improvements to become the digital leader in the industry of golf clubs management software.

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