Golf Club Efficiency Hacks: 6 Hardware Devices to Consider

Implementing digitalization correctly can lead to operational efficiency in a golf club, and integrating hardware devices with your management software can help convert that efficiency into income. Comprehensive management can benefit from technology in many ways. Automating processes, reducing cost and time, or providing players with a personalized experience are some of the main advantages. […]

Golf Simulators: How can they boost your Golf Club?

Golf simulators allow golfers to practice in a simulated environment that is very similar to the real thing. According to Straits Research, the US golf simulator market size is expected to reach $1,416 million by 2030 from $694 million in 2021. Market Figures for Golf Simulators Simulators for golf are no longer a trend. It’s […]

Digital Marketing for Golf Clubs in 2024: An Essential Guide

Golf course management is entering a new era where technology will play a crucial role. There are many golf clubs that have not yet fully embraced Digital Marketing in this new context. Even in the age of Artificial Intelligence, most golf courses still don’t maintain their social media profiles or use advanced digital marketing methods […]

How to Increase Occupancy at Your Golf Course

If you are a golf course owner, you likely face constant challenges in increasing occupancy and attracting more players. Fortunately, there are various strategies you can implement to boost the popularity of your golf course and attract a greater flow of golfers. In this article, we will explore some of the best strategies. Optimize the […]

Golfmanager launches the first guide on future golf course management

Ebook golf course management in the future

Future golf course management will be revolutionized by artificial intelligence, virtual reality, the Internet of Things, and task automation, all powered by the power of digitalization. This guide examines the challenges presented by new technologies for golf course managers. On May 9th, Rafael Vera, Co-founder and Co-CEO of Golfmanager, will participate in the virtual round […]

Inspiring retail quotes to boost your golf club management

Retailers usually find their job rewarding, but sometimes is really stressful. The golf manager combines the retailer’s work with the passion for the game, but nevertheless, extra inspiration and motivation are needed. Luckily, we can rely on the words of wisdom of many businessmen that had spoken about different aspects of retailing and life. Today […]

Have a good End-of-Season Liquidation Sale at your golf club

The summer had ended, the season is almost finished and the number of clients playing at your golf course is starting to decrease. But it does not mean that your job as a golf club manager becomes easier. On the contrary, fewer golfers’ means that it is that time of the year when you still […]

All you need to know about Golf Carts Maintenance

Golf is one of those sports that had embraced technology, so it is not a surprise that golf carts, formerly viewed as slow box-like buggies, are now modern and hip, just like POS that once shared a similarly bad reputation. It is normal to see lots of them running around on a golf course, and […]

Golf Course Food options you must consider serving

Your restaurant (or grill bar) is one of the most profitable zones of your golf club. After spending a couple of hours on the course, who is not hungry? Not to mention having a nice lunch with fellow players, or having some beer. Even when the traditional dishes you serve have done well so far, […]

How to Improve Female Participation in your golf course?

Historically, golf has been seen as a men’s sport. But nowadays that mentality is changing, and you need to make sure that all members understand that women as the same right to golf as any. And have fun in the process, too. It is true that 75% of the golfers that use tee time booking […]