Golfmanager launches the first guide on future golf course management

Ebook golf course management in the future

Future golf course management will be revolutionized by artificial intelligence, virtual reality, the Internet of Things, and task automation, all powered by the power of digitalization. This guide examines the challenges presented by new technologies for golf course managers. On May 9th, Rafael Vera, Co-founder and Co-CEO of Golfmanager, will participate in the virtual round […]

Golf Course Food options you must consider serving

Your restaurant (or grill bar) is one of the most profitable zones of your golf club. After spending a couple of hours on the course, who is not hungry? Not to mention having a nice lunch with fellow players, or having some beer. Even when the traditional dishes you serve have done well so far, […]

How to Improve Female Participation in your golf course?

Historically, golf has been seen as a men’s sport. But nowadays that mentality is changing, and you need to make sure that all members understand that women as the same right to golf as any. And have fun in the process, too. It is true that 75% of the golfers that use tee time booking […]

Golf Club Management Solutions that will help you

There is a lot of administrative work to do in a golf club. So much, so that sometimes a golf club manager is unable to enjoy the sports activities or create values for the members. Luckily for us, there are some golf business solutions that involve club management software that helps us to automate nearly […]

Golf Event Management Guide for Courses

Golf events are a great potential revenue source and no golf club manager should overlook it. 57% of millennial golfers say that socialization and events are an important part of their golf experience, so we need to include tournaments and golf event management in our portfolio in order to give to our clients what they […]

How Payment Processing Works at Golf Courses

Dealing with payment processing is a complicated process. Therefore, let us clarify this side of your business giving you some tips about how payment processing works at golf courses. When a client pays with a credit card at a golf course, a fee will be charged and given to the payment processor, meaning you. It is […]

Why Switch to Online Tee Sheet and Tee Time Booking Software?

It is simple mathematics: if you do not have an online tee time booking software, you will miss 100% of potential online bookings. Nowadays any successful business needs to have a strong online presence, so giving your customers the chance to book online is a very, very good idea. Of course, your new online tee […]

10 reasons why digitize your golf club (I): All-in-one software.

Ten reasons why to digitize your golf club

Increase team productivity by managing your entire golf club with 1 single program (Tee Sheet, Fees, Competitions, Restaurant, etc.) Golfmanager has just launched the campaign “10 reasons to digitize your golf club”. With it, we are going to focus each month, from this March until the end of the year, on one reason why all […]

Golf Tournaments: How Golf Tournaments Work?

Golf Torunaments

Tournaments are key sources of revenue in golf. At its core, golf tournaments offer a thrilling competition. Every participant during a golf tournament is offered a chance to amplify their performance. The tournament itself is a transformative experience not just to the club managers but also the golf players. It is now precise that running […]

Golf management software: Why you need a good one, now!

Golf management solftware

Golf nowadays is one of the most practiced sports in the world and its management requires highly trained people with extensive experience who know how to rely on technology to achieve great results. Therefore, we want to share with you the reasons why you need a good golf management software to achieve excellence.   1. Golf […]