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There is a lot of administrative work to do in a golf club. So much, so that sometimes a golf club manager is unable to enjoy the sports activities or create values for the members. Luckily for us, there are some golf business solutions that involve club management software that helps us to automate nearly all of the administrative work, letting us to focus on what really matters.

Those programs are all-in-one inexpensive solutions that will help you to save time and money. One of the main advantages of those golf business solutions is the possibility to be tailored to fit any organization’s needs, and they actually will help to increase memberships and revenues.

Golf business solutions offer website-builder and basic marketing tools to attract new members; help you engage with your members to give them the best experience possible; automate almost all the administrative tasks, and offer powerful analytics to get insights into your membership.

So, let’s review some of the best golf club management solutions that you should take into account when acquiring the best club management software possible.

Mobile applications

A common part of a golf club management solution is the possibility to book courses online for customers and members. Those clients are clearly shifted towards mobile technologies: 68% percent of consumers use smart devices, and golfers as well. Those consumers use 51% of their time spent using digital media on their mobile devices, and 90% of that time in an app.

So golf managers who want to leverage technology to maximize profits should take this aspect into account. Therefore, a proactive golf manager who wants to respond to the mobile revolution should move toward mobile app-based online booking.

Also, young golfers love using apps on their phones, so a mobile app for course booking and check-in is an attractive and efficient way to reduce the time you spent managing reservations over the phone or in person.

Cloud based golf club management solution

Cloud based software has been a huge advance in the management software industry, and golf club management solutions are not the exception but the rule.

Using cloud technology renders it unnecessary to buy new hardware to fulfill the requirements of Golf Club Management Solutions. All the operations are done in the cloud, so you will only need a device with an internet connection to access all your information, manage your golf courses, and do monetary transactions. The Cloud based club management solution allows you to track and manage the club operations anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

Another advantage of using the cloud is that this hardware-independent software is updated automatically and never becomes obsolete like local solutions. Moreover, cloud based golf club management solutions are always adding new and improved features to their systems, based on the feedback received from golf club managers.

Online tee time distribution services

While “tee” is the small support off of which you hit a golf ball when playing the first stroke of a hole, “tee time” is defined as the moment when the first tee shot takes place. These times are spaced between seven and 15 minutes, to ensure that one group of golfers will not interfere with another on the course. Tee time distribution ensures that the course will be always occupied by golfers, but at the same time, the pressure of having another group behind you may upset the clients.

Using online tee time distribution services, golf managers may provide to golfers a wide net of exposure and a boost in reservations, using a mutual exchange model whereby users receive some kind of benefit or feature for every tee time they give up.

Moreover, online tee time distribution services are a powerful tool for both managers and golfers to administer and maximize the time spent on the course having fun, which is in the end the objective of a golf club.

Feature rich tools

Best tee sheet software solutions are user-friendly and provide to golf managers tools like analytics, detailed reporting, and even alerts when credit cards or member accounts are close to expiring as built-in features.

Moreover, advanced tee sheets provide an “open API” in order to integrate other software directly into the Golf Club Management Solutions. Those integrations may help you to take your marketing strategy to the next level, including third-party solutions like Mailchimp email marketing or Thirdshelf’s customer loyalty system.

In the end, those golf business solutions help to you get a filled tee sheet, more revenue, and happier golfers on your golf course.

Some final words: selecting the best golf business solutions

Always remember that good golf management software always must provide a module to schedule and manage tee times, but also other tools to manage different components of the administrative work of the club.

Then, make sure that besides handling your Tee sheet, your golf business solution includes a pro shop point of sale to handle all transactions at the shop, a module to be used by the restaurant staff to manage F&B orders, and a mobile application for customer to make online reservations, order food, keep score, etc.

When used all together, those elements configure an excellent tool to support business operations. Always remember that golf is a game we all love, but golf club management must be treated with the efficiency of any other business.

Therefore, golf management software must include every aspect of the administrative work and have to be implemented and used properly, because it can be at the same time a life-saver or a pit that drains thousands of dollars from your business due to inefficiencies.

Proper golf management software has to help you to work on the four pillars that support the day-to-day of any business: sales & marketing, customer service, accounting, and human resources. In a golf club, this is translated into using golf management software to sell more rounds, provide an exceptional level of service, automatically bill your customers and keep a pulse on your staff by measuring performance and rewarding good work.

Any less than that, will not be worth it.

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