Golf Club Efficiency Hacks: 6 Hardware Devices to Consider

Implementing digitalization correctly can lead to operational efficiency in a golf club, and integrating hardware devices with your management software can help convert that efficiency into income. Comprehensive management can benefit from technology in many ways. Automating processes, reducing cost and time, or providing players with a personalized experience are some of the main advantages. […]

Golfmanager, The Leading All-In-One golf simulator software

In a short time, Golfmanager has become the golf industry’s fastest-growing all-in-one, cloud-based and multi-device golf simulator software. As a result of its rapid rise, Forbes Spain highlighted the company as one of the outstanding ‘Sportech startups’ of 2022. A worldwide presence supports the trajectory of a tool that is completely adapted to any type […]

Best Golf Websites to improve Your Course

Nowadays, a business without a website is simple doomed. And golf is not the exception: golfers score swing tips on social media, get discount greens fees on online booking sites and buy second-hand equipment via e-commerce sites. They also seek important information about the golf course where they are going to play and the facilities […]

The importance of digitization in golf courses

digitizacion of golf courses

Before talking about digitization in golf courses, let’s look at the concept of digitization in a global way. What exactly is digitization? Digitization means “the action and effect of digitizing”. If we translate this to the business environment, digitization is associated with the digital transformation of businesses, understood as enabling, improving, or evolving business functions, […]

10 reasons why digitize your golf club (I): All-in-one software.

Ten reasons why to digitize your golf club

Increase team productivity by managing your entire golf club with 1 single program (Tee Sheet, Fees, Competitions, Restaurant, etc.) Golfmanager has just launched the campaign “10 reasons to digitize your golf club”. With it, we are going to focus each month, from this March until the end of the year, on one reason why all […]

Golf management software: Why you need a good one, now!

Golf management solftware

Golf nowadays is one of the most practiced sports in the world and its management requires highly trained people with extensive experience who know how to rely on technology to achieve great results. Therefore, we want to share with you the reasons why you need a good golf management software to achieve excellence.   1. Golf […]

What value does Golfmanager bring to golf clubs? (and to the industry)

golfmanager valor

If you are still wondering what value a software like Golfmanager can bring to the golf industry, and especially to golf clubs, I recommend you continue reading. Online reservations without commissions The arrival of Golfmanager and its policy of eliminating online commissions on every reservation on your website has forced that “old” rate to gradually […]